Happy Saturday, Everyone!

After my recent posts on how journalism principles can help with blogging, I was asked for Writing Tips. I shared a couple of my favorite tips:

1. Everyone has a story

2. Remember to use powerful, descriptive words….the writer should tell the story so well that the reader feels as though they were on the scene.

 However, what if you could receive writing help from experts at the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, People Magazine, The Washington Post…just to name a few?? I am thrilled to discover The Writing Faculty. These writing tutors compose an impressive online faculty ready to assist anyone from primary schools to professional writers. For example, the journalism courses have three main goals:

1. To build the student’s core writing skills

2. To increase the student’s exposure to the theory and practice of journalism

3. To develop multiple finished articles that can strengthen the student’s writing portfolio and be submitted for publication.

Please remember what many of you are aspiring to is fashion JOURNALISM. But, good writing techniques are the same whether you are writing about fashion or politics. Writing is a developed skill. It is hard for me to give you advice and not be able to properly instruct you as I do my students in school, but here is a way you can have a writing tutor right in your own home!

This may be an exciting answer for some of you who requested assistance!!

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