Cardigans for Crazy Weather

Tahari Cardigan: Stein Mart
Michael Kors Black T: Ross
Black Lee Jeans: Kohls
Liz Claiborne Boots: Marshalls

Yesterday, we were sweating…today, a little chilly! Crazy weather …and that is why I love cardigans! They are perfect

1. For all types of weather

2. For transitions between seasons

3. For adding color or pattern to any look

4. For relaxed professional style

Here are a couple of my recent cardigan looks. Great separates will give the appearance of your wardrobe being HUGE, when it reality you are just switching the same pieces around and around.

Cardigan and Tank: Chicos
Denim Skirt and Tights: Lane Bryant
Flats: Target

Also, make sure you check out the great denim on denim looks Wendy Brandes put together for her column in the Huffington Post…I would like to thank her for including ALL types of ladies in her report!!  Denim Article

Wendy Brandes

Necklace: Kohls
Tortoise Shell Bracelet: Chicos

Now, grab a cardigan and go out and have a fabulous weekend!!

Scarf: Coldwater Creek
Bracelet:  Special Show during Fashion Night Out 2010


  1. Cardigans in every color!! Yay! They are sort of like scarves I think… they add a splash of color and can easily transition any outfit. Love your bracelet! xo

  2. Cardigans are a big staple in my wardrobe, heavy ones for winter and lighter, more colorful ones for spring and fall. I love 'em and you look great, as always.

  3. Pam, once again, you look better than anyone I have ever met in orange. And I love the surprise of the red and black scarf! You look terrific. Happy Oscar watching on Sunday (if you are, you know I will be!). XO, Jill

  4. Would you believe I don't really own any classic cardigans? I've tried them many times but often find them too boxy, or stiff, or they don't hang right, or something. I've mastered the flowy wrap (not quite a cardigan), but sometimes I want a more classic look. Now that blogging has taught me how to belt, though, I am looking for cardigans again! I LOVE yours, especially the second one! So I will keep looking.

  5. Love those golden yellow colors, and your earth-toned bracelets. Great looks. I have lots of cardigans and wear them frequently. It's a big help with my temperature fluctuations, along with the weather changes!

  6. You have the best bracelets! That second cardigan is so great. Love the pattern.

    FYI, the oxfords from ON are laceless oxfords. They have elastic in there that keeps them on. Just pictured you taking off your laces and the shoes falling off.


  7. Oh Pam,

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!! AND you look FABULOUS, as always!

    You know how I am loving wearing a cardigan? OK…..with good dark tights, tweed SHORTS, boots and then a cardigan just below the hip….FUN, FAST, FUNKY and lovely…..

    THANK YOU for coming to visit my post dear heart. Have a…

    PERFECT DAY!!!!!


  8. I found your blog recently. In so many of the blogs they are wearing very short skirts and very high heels. I can wear neither. Your blog is showing age appropriate clothes. Glad I found you!!!!!!!!

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