Spring Trends 2012: Making Them Work

I am wearing another great pair of sunglasses from Carmen Marc Valvo!

“Color blocking. That’s the trend. It’s everywhere,” Gigi said after a trip to SA’s trendiest mall, The Shops at La Cantera. “But, I have no idea what to do with it!” I assured her that this was not rocket science and began to discuss pieces in her wardrobe which she could easily wear together and VIOLA….it’s color blocking!

There is no need to be afraid of fashion trends and avoid them from lack of confidence. The trends for Spring 2012 are really nothing to fear…so for VISIBLE MONDAY…I decided to be visible in a couple of trends. My trend information was mostly gathered from Harper’s Bazaar.

Jacket: Stein Mart
Blouse: Ross
Red Denim Jeggings: Lane Bryant
Ballet Flats: Target

 1. Colored Denim. I said in an earlier post, I was determined not to get colored denim, but now that I have given in…I LOVE IT! I would like to add green and blue to my wardrobe, if I find a way to make it happen.

2. “Tailored” White Pieces. Notice, the trend is “tailored.” That is why I wore this white jacket today and it is a great reason why everyone should enter my contest for a fabulous, no-iron, tailored blouse from the Foxcroft Collection. The winner will be drawn soon, on March 1.

3. Graphic Design. I bought this top last year for $7.00 at Ross not really knowing that the trend would follow for two seasons. Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx are great places to find the trends in season…at reasonable prices.

4. Safari….I am not wearing it, but the safari/military trends continue with khaki and army green garments the best ways to take these trends forward.

5. Sports Influence. Not hard, ladies. I think I would do jeans, a great fitting T-shirt, and a sports knit jacket on top….maybe even with an athletic shoe.

6. Drop Waist and Sequins. I do not own a drop waist item, but I do have sequins and can pull out the sequined T-shirts and tanks to wear under jackets.

7. Intricate embellishments and light colors. This is where it is good to be a girlie-girl or stylish lady with a little bit of lace, or florals, or pearls.

Bracelet:  Forever 21

See, it is not that difficult to stay and look in style. This is the fun part of fashion. But, don’t overdo or try to hard….keep it you!!

Now, go join the other ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE!!



  1. Love your red jeggings! They really are much more versatile than I would have thought. Yours are such a pretty color! I just got brave and ordered some white jeggings! I want green and blue too. The cobalt blue jeans I ordered didn't fit just right so I am still on the lookout for them. You look fabulous!

  2. Such a crisp and creative outfit! Don't you just love ROSS? I sure do! I have been enjoying your over 50 blog, so I became a follower today. I hope you will check out my blog too –
    OMGalmost50.blogspot.com. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. This is a striking outfit and I love your red jeans. I've been confused by the trend lists as they don't always jive. I did find a pair of white wool trousers over the weekend, an item that has been on my "looking for" list for a while.

  4. I think this is a great look but I particularly love the black and white blouse on you. Will you join Adrienne and me for most cherished wardrobe item on March 1? It's so hard, I have to admit, but give it a go and join us! XO, Jill

  5. I absolutely love the colors you wore today!!!! One item that isn't on your list is the maxi skirt. I just bought one today in black. Anybody have any ideas on how to style it? Do you have one, Pam? I think it's a great piece for women our age. Also, I am only 5' 3". I had to try on a few before I found one that didn't drag the floor. Great post!

  6. So glad you gave into colored denim…it is MY FAV trend for spring…deciding where to purchase my "maternity" colored denim from…don't want to spend a fortune but want them to be nice. We shall see.

  7. I love your look and I also like to read your posts so it's about time I became a follower! I admit that I often overdo, but that's me, and sometimes I try too hard, usually to get out of a rut. I like all your advice though, especially about the embellishments – you do them so well. And you always look smashing and positive.

  8. You look stunning Pam – really well put together. I'll need to remember the 'trends' when September and Spring roll around down in my part of the world.

  9. I love the graphic top! and I wore red colored jeans today (I met an friend that I haven't seen since college — we went out in DC, and I had a blast!). It was so good to go out and have fun instead of work work work!

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