1. Apply eye cream in the morning and in the evening. Morning eye creams should have SPF, but evening eye creams should not have SPF.

2. Look in the mirror and smile. Notice how your eyes light up. Notice how your cheekbones lift. Now go out there and smile at everyone!!

3. Exercise. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take a class at a local gym. Walk around the park listening to Frank Sinatra, Adele, and Stevie Wonder. SING OUT LOUD!
Last season purple wedges from Rack Room Shoes

All of these suggestions came from Ellen Lubin-Sherman, the author of tomorrow’s book giveaway– THE ESSENTIALS OF FABULOUS: BECAUSE WHATEVER DOESN’T WORK HERE ANYMORE! I asked Ellen some additional questions (not found on the press release!) and believed they were important enough to share in another post. One answer is above – name three things an over 50 woman should do every day! Well,  I am great with eye cream, smiling, and singing. Exercise and I have a love/hate relationship!!! Honestly, that is perhaps the most important one on the list. I know that.

Ellen Lubin-Sherman

 I asked her advice for an empty nester….”The minute the children are off to college, all women should take stock and say “what’s my next mountain to climb?”

For many, it’s the moment we have been waiting for. We are no longer tethered to dinner, car pools, and dental appointments; and, can create a life that is exciting, focused, and gratifying,” she said. “To get started, you must look at yourself with an unsparingly honest point-of-view. Do you look your best? Do you dress with style? Is your grooming immaculate including a great haircut? Are you putting energy into yourself now that your chickens have flown the coop?”

Last year I swapped scarves with wonderfully creative REVA
she found this beautiful scarf at Walgreen’s for 99 cents!
The bracelet is from Chico’s two years back!

She said, “If you are going to return to work, you need to understand and then overcome the obstacles in front of you. You must make your skills transferable to the workplace. Did you raise money for charity? Did you organize a charitable event? Have you been a PTO president and mobilized people to join and participate? All of these talents and skills are useful in any workplace, but you need to create a narrative that makes your hiatus valuable.”

Gigi talked me into this pink cardigan at a Chico’s Sale recently.
Their sale rack was awesome!  If you are not a PASSPORT
MEMBER, JOIN NOW!  It is worth it!
Though you cannot see it now, I am also wearing a tan tank from
the sale.  The cardigan is so soft and comfortable.  The brown knit
pants are from Jana Kos.

She recommends brushing up on the computer, learning social media, or even taking courses that bring re-entry up-to-date. “Speaking of communication and widening your social bandwidth,” she said. “Do you smile at everyone you meet or only people you know? Do you initiate the hello? Do you look accessible or does your manner convey indifference? Now, that you are selling, you must captivate the buyer.”

She also had advise for those stuck in a rut or a cubicle they dread facing every day. “Ruts are the bane of everyone’s existence as they are easier than making a change. Change is always difficult and scary, especially now when jobs are few. To make a change you have to create your own board of directors – a group of smart, connected, and fearless women who will help you brainstorm your different options. These women don’t have to find you a job or even make you an introduction. Their sole purpose is to help you see yourself so you can take the right steps to making yourself more marketable.”

My ears were adorned with these purple studs from Chico’s….also on sale!!

She recommended asking yourself these questions:

Am I confident to walk into a room and assume that everyone will want to speak with me?

Am I well-informed?

Are people interested in what I have to say on any topic?

Am I hip to the zeitgeist?

Do I know what’s happening in the world of media, politics, culture, or do I tell people, “I don’t watch TV” or “I rarely get to read a newspaper.” If you hear yourself saying that, stop immediately. It makes you look old and you don’t want to play it old.

Attitude trumps aptitude. If you are warm and accessible, delightful and witty; if you know how to interact with others, if you’re competent and consistent; you will have a shot at a new career or a chance to move up the corporate ladder. (and take down the cat pictures in your cubicle!!)

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Finally, at the TXSC Conference, each of us was given a gift card to Lands End Canvas. With a special birthday coming up, I used the card to order a shirt for my son….here is the model…he’s a hunk!! Thanks to Lands End Canvas!

The Blue Heritage V Neck T

Happy Monday!!


  1. Oh, dear, your son IS a hunk! The photos of you in the grass are beautiful! I am good with smiling, but not so good at striking up conversations. This books sounds like it is jam-packed with useful ideas.

  2. You look so happy and young in the grass! Your outfit has spring written all over it. I don't know how you got your son to pose but he sure is a hotty! (in the most respectable of ways)
    I truly look forward to your posts. They make me think and put some things I would rather not think of in perspective.
    Thank you so much for linking up to Trending. It was finally getting off it's feet when work hell let loose. I'm determined not to let that happen again.

  3. You are very photogenic! That pink is a great colour on you…and I want those purple peep toes! Glad I found your blog via Not Dead Yet Style.
    ps, your son is hunky. so nice of him to oblige to being your model 🙂

  4. I love the pink. The purple shoes also look great. I have been trying not to be so matchy, matchy. You have shown it can be done and look great! I notice you wear a lot of Chico's. I have been a fan for many years…….I can always be sure of the fit. Bring on the spring clothes!!!

  5. You look fabulous…I like the colors of your outfit against the lush backdrop. I like the feminine drapes on your top and the scarf is beautiful. I like your post. I think you really inspired me, I'm in my early forties now and I have got two boys, one of them in his teens. I enjoy reading blogs about different issues women face. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences, it's nice to be able to connect with women from different walks of life. Following you!


  6. You and your son both look fabulous! I love the advice for empty nesters – "The minute the children are off to college, all women should take stock and say “what’s my next mountain to climb?" – I think it really applies to those who are retiring or downshifting from the work world as well.

  7. Your son is adorable! You look great in that vibrant pink. Did you know that the Chico's passport also works at Soma? I picked up another pair of their "cool nights" pajamas over the weekend, got my 5% on top of the sale discount!

  8. Yu look gorgeous!!! Love the colors in your outfit! BTW, I think everybody (even if they are not 50 yet) should do things you mentioned above- exercise, skin care etc..And your son is so handsome!! I am happily married otherwise would have asked for an introduction;-) LOL!..He must get away with a lot of things with that charming smile!!! 🙂 Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  9. Draping yourself in pink with a touch of purple resonates with your vibrant smile. And your son really knows how to model that blue shirt with green background. Great tips on reinvention, which I have found happens continually over a lifetime.

  10. Oh,Pam! Hunky son, great post!!!! I am actually looking for work right now and feel rutty! I wish sometimes that interviews were more 'in person' than via web resumes. That would be a great post as well. I must check out this lady's book!!! Ps, You look faboo!

  11. Pam, Great post and I'm with (over 50) on all accounts!! It's the sparkle in the eye .. and always take the stairs of course 🙂 Nicely said – if you have a sec, you should read my blog post on vanity, you might enjoy it. Have a wonderful day!

  12. here here Pam!
    I agree with everything you said, I especially love, Attitude trumps Aptitude
    you are looking quite fetching in your pink, your skin is glowing!
    thanks for your great recap of your experience!

  13. Hi Pam!

    Give me a couple of years and i might work as a translator.
    I am in a rut right now, but trying to make things better.
    Just need a bit of preparation and more networking
    Very inspiring post

    You look great in that pink cardi!

    Ariane xxxxx

  14. These photos of you in pink in the grass are beautiful. Love those purple shoes too. Have also enjoyed your recaps of the conference.

  15. Love you in pink and the grass is so pretty and green! The only thing green in our yard is the weeds. We have some lovely dandelions. I love the purple shoes.
    What a handsome son you have and how sweet of you to get him that beautiful blue tee!

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