Headache?  Maybe you need to take two pastel colors and
call me in the morning!

There is actually one place on
earth where pastel colors was said to be a remedy for migraine headaches.  That place is Curacao on the largest island
in the Netherlands Antilles.  As the
story goes, back in the 19th century, Governor-General Albert
Kikkert suffered from migraine headaches. 
He believed they came from the bright sun reflecting off the large amount of white buildings.  Most physicians believed that the amount of
light reflections did not really cause the headaches, yet, did not help them

Therefore, the Governor-General
sent out a decree in the early 1800s that all buildings must be painted with
any color other than white and this led to a multitude of beautiful pastel
colors standing all in a row along the pristine beaches.  These historical buildings have been preserved and for the most part still stand today. 
Located in what is known as the “hurricane belt” the buildings require
constant restoration, but over 750 pastel buildings greet tourists annually!

Actually, I have to agree that
there is something calm and soothing about pastels.  So, chill out, and visit all of these
beautiful colors from the bloggers participating in Everybody, Everywear today.

Image 4554

Jones of New York Blouse
Beau Dawson Capris: Ross
Scarf: Ross
Leather Flats: Target
Bracelet: Stein Mart

Have a very happy Tuesday!!

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