I never think people come into my
life by accident.  I happen to believe
that I am in this world for a reason, and think it is actually fun to see what
happens when we just make ourselves “available.”

So, I was not really surprised when
a young woman approached me after I moderated a panel last March for the Texas
Style Council’s Bloggers Conference. 
Sgt. Lacey Salls, USAF, believed I was just the one to help her.  She desired to inspire, educate, and
encourage a group of Air Force women she oversaw who were all about to retire
and enter the civilian world.  Either
through injuries or illnesses, these soldiers were discouraged and needed
someone to shore them up and bring direction. 
I sat with Lacey in Starbuck’s and listened to her heart’s desire to
leave something behind for these women as she also transitions into the
professional world.  We devised together,
an idea to give them a MORNING OF BEAUTY, inspiration inside and out.

Dr. Sydney Savion brought complimentary copies of her book for all who attended.

Shortly after this encounter, I
received a phone call to meet Dr. Sydney Savion, and review her book, Camouflage to PinstripesI wrote about Sydney HERE.  She would be the perfect speaker
for this group of ladies, and just “happened” to call at the perfect time!  I also called
my friend, Marilyn Caskey, owner of the Garment Exchange Consignment, and asked
if she would bring samples of appropriate job interview attire and how to do
the looks on a budget (consignment shops, right?).  

Marilyn brought excellent ideas for affordable looks to wear to
job interviews…in fact, she made some sales right off the example

Believe it or not, a retired military office,
now known as Sister Sabrina brought her hair stylist’s skills and a make- up
artist to bless the women with complimentary makeovers.  “Get your Diva on, ladies,” was her mantra as
she encouraged the women to take time for them. 
Another retired military woman, is over-50 massage therapist, Nancy Brewington who came prepared to do complimentary neck, shoulder, and back
massages.  Along with Sister Sabrina, she
gave advice to the women about transitioning and how she came to own her own
business.  Three of the women owned their
own businesses, and Dr. Savion is now on executive staff with Dell, Inc. out of
Austin….it was a powerhouse group, and a powerful morning.

Sister Sabrina styled hair as she also encouraged and told her own story
of transition.  She doesn’t look like a Military Police Officer does she!!

Massage therapist, Nancy Brewington, encouraged the ladies not to limit
themselves, but to go for it!  She told them to go for what they loved and
even know they can own their own businesses, like she and Sister
Sabrina do!

I was pleased to be able to bring messages of encouragement
about strength, confidence, and reinvention. 
It is empowering.  The setting was
a trendy bakery, Josephs Bakery, and the owner not only provided the room, but
threw in coffee and complimentary burritos or pastries (Yes, I avoided the food, but it was really hard and the coffee is delicious!)

Three of the incredible makeovers….they look fierce and ready to go anywhere!!

I love watching women light up when
they receive encouragement!  The MORNING
did just that and Sgt. Lacey Salls can rest assured she accomplished
her goals.  Not a coincidence…nor a
chance meeting…but a mission accomplished.  

Thanks to Patrick, owner of Joseph’s for being such a gracious host!!
Why all of the shoes?  Because these ladies are ready
to do some serious stepping out!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!


  1. A big hug to Patrick! What a great guy to help out. Thanks for sharing this story. I can feel the positive energy that was flowing there. I wish everyone the very best in their new careers!!

  2. What a wonderful inspiring story. Not only is it wonderful to lavish these women who have served our county with "spa" treatments and advice, it is fabulous to have the business support as well. Thank you so much for sharing.
    PB from MN

  3. Wow, Pam, how inspiring that you pulled this all together! You've helped make a REAL difference in these women's lives. Bravo!!

  4. Hats off to you for being a part of this incredible event. What a beautiful way to inspire these women and to thank them for the service and sacrifice they made for our country.

  5. You know how much I love our military! I am so glad to see how well it turned out and those ladies look lovely! I bet they feel lovely inside, too… Great job! To the whole team!

  6. Oh, what a great morning it must have been for those ladies. It was so wonderful that you were able to give them some confidence and tips for their 'new' lives.

  7. That was a wonderful gift to those women who have done so much for us. I do believe in serendipity- each thing, each person being available at just the right time with the right skills. The universe is looking out for you, Pam.

  8. Pam, I have you at the top of my list for Paris party participants….are you still interested dear? The party started yesterday!!! Let me know so I can make sure my list is correct for my visitors! GREAT IDEAS HERE! Anita

  9. How wonderfully inspiring! I might have something to offer the ladies as well. It is a therapy that helps people who are going through transition. Fortunately, it does not have to be done face-to-face, which is good, because I live in the UK. Please email to chat about it, and to see what you think of what I have in mind.

    Best wishes and cheers from England,
    Rosemary on

  10. What a worthy and worth while endeavor. Wow! Talk about a heart-felt post.
    God bless the women who have done more than their share for our country. They deserve all of this pampering and more!

  11. Pam, isn't this what style really is all about? It's about expressing what's on the inside or at times, trying to get the inside to look like what we've presented by our appearance (fake it til you make it). When you wear a uniform and conform to a certain set of preset standards for so much of your time, it's easy to forget how to "put yourself together" and truly, separating from the military, for any reason, is a bit scary. I've been through it…exciting, but scary!

    You're right. There are no accidents and it was certainly no accident that these women came across your path. You are THE woman to help other women reinvent themselves…which often is just another way of saying "become who you want to be". Big hugs and lots of love Pam!!! ~Serene

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