Paris Through Her Eyes

Ooo-la-la…it’s finally time for Anita’s Simply Irresistible Paris Link Party which begins on Friday!  Sad to admit, but I have never been to Paris…though I have always longed
to see it.  Anything I write about Paris
or France is experienced through the eyes of others.  The first blogger to actually bring Paris to
my computer was the beautiful Debby Steele of Inspired Design.  Debby’s posts and photography are one of the
first places I visit every day and I can count on her to take me to new places
which touch longings in my heart.  I
recently asked Debby some questions in order to get to know her better and properly
introduce her to you, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s sit down with a
beautiful woman (inside and out):
1. I started blogging at Inspired
Design about two years ago. I began blogging as a creative outlet but always
felt it was going to lead for much more for me. The doors that open via
blogging, and the opportunities that present themselves are endless. My vision
for my blog has always remained the same. I would like to hopefully touch a
life or two, and to be able to live and create the life of my dreams, by
building a career doing what I love.
2. I live in Groton, Massachusetts
which is a quaint suburb about 40 minutes Northwest of Boston. It is a
quintessential New England town and a wonderful place to raise a family. I have
two children. My oldest, Jordan is 19, and he is entering into his sophomore
year of college. My daughter, Logan, will be entering into her junior year of
high school. I had the privilege of being able to stay home to raise them, and
I just have to say to any stay-at-home Moms out there, don’t ever sell yourself
short. What you are doing is the most important job you could ever have. You
are shaping lives.
3. I have an insatiable wanderlust.
Give me a new city and my camera and I am as happy as can be. I started taking
photographs of my travels and just became a bit obsessed with it. I found I was
framing all of my favorite photography around my home so I could have a bit of
vacation with me year round. I got such a great response form people that I
thought, “Hey, this could become a business venture.”
4. In response to my dream job…
I’m pretty much doing it. Between being a Mom, blogging, custom blog designs
and The Inspired Print Shop I’d say I’m really content.
5. I think the biggest challenge
women face today actually affects the younger generation of women. In this day
and age of equal rights and women running board rooms, young females are still
selling themselves short by, “hooking up.” I believe there is a lot
of pressure amongst this generation to be cool with casual sex. I don’t believe
for a second that any girl, of any age, is o.k. with just “hooking
up.” I don’t see any benefits of the whole “friends with
benefits” motto. I believe that for females, being intimate  is always about seeking a deeper emotional
The Inspired Print Shop sells 8 x10 
giclée prints of some of my favorite places. From one of a kind Paris,
picturesque Nantucket Island, sunny California, to my quaint hometown of
Groton, Massachusetts. I also have gallery sets available which take the
guesswork out of creating a gallery wall, and assorted note cards. You can also
shop my prints on Etsy as well.
7. My number one goal I hope to
accomplish this year is just to remain true to myself. With each decision I
make, I will ask myself whether or not the choice I make is going to help me to
create the life I wish to live.
8. There are so many things that
put a smile on my face every day.  My
kids, obviously, because I am so grateful to have been blessed with them.
Visits to and from bloggers, (because bloggers really do have the biggest
hearts). Being able to speak with my Mom daily, because I am grateful to have
her. Oh, I I can’t forget my little dog, Cooper. Love that mutt. He’s the best
dog in the world!
If you would like to experience
Paris or even Nantucket through Debby’s eyes, make sure to visit her Inspired Print Shop site. She is also having a giveaway so make sure you enter.  Then hop over to Anita’s to see
what other bloggers have to say about Paris on Friday!
Friday, I am participating in a
special event for women in the Air Force who are about to enter civilian life…it
is a Day of Beauty to get them properly prepared for job interviews, and I will tell you all about it
later.  Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Pam,
    I can't thank you enough. I am so honored to have been featured here. You did such an amazing job, love it. Can't wait to hear more about your day helping out with the day of beauty for women leaving the air Force! Off to Anita's!
    Much love + thanks,
    Deb xo

  2. I have been to Paris, but one never gets enough of it, so much beauty.
    Great feature- interview, Pam.
    I am off to check her blog this second.

  3. How lovely to share some of Anita's friend's (again!)
    And then to find a link to somewhere else too..the beauty of blogging.
    Pleased to meet you – i hope you get to Paris one day…fee x
    (over 40 feeling 30)

  4. a happy friday to you! xx
    and what a bonus i find coming here to discover not only one fabulous blog, but two!:)
    the photographs are stunning ❤ thank you so much for sharing them.

  5. Very well done. I should then say I am 60 and feeling 30 – hahaha. I'm not 60 yet but soon. But I really do feel young ESPECIALLY at heart! My mom was that way and her dad was that way, it's in me for sure. I'm straight way going to join your blog that for doggie sure! ( i love dogs )

  6. I think this is so true. Bloggers do have big hearts and are so supportive. Sometimes when one feels low about things, someone will write the nicest thing and make your day. Life should always be like this. So glad you have found your place and enjoy who you are.

  7. Hi Pam…a lovely post and such an inspiring lady…I will pop across to her blog 😉
    Lovely to meet you in Paris…drop by and join me!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Oh Pam I love Debby and when you see my post you will find that though I have traveled a lot I have not been to Paris. Trust me it is at the very top of my list!

    Anita's Parisian Party
    Art by Karena

  9. I am making the rounds for this fun Paris Party!!! So nice to meet you. I always find it interesting to hear more about the "who" behind bloggers…Thank you for sharing this interview with Debby. Isnt' the blog world amazing?! You can't really explain it to people who don't blog. I never undertood it until I started blogging myself.

    I hope you make it over to my place…Have a lovely weekend!

    Heidi (hi-d @ hi-d's place)

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