OMHU, A New Family Member!

Well, the over50feeling40 family
that is!
  I am so pleased to introduce
you to my newest sponsor, OMHU! In order to properly introduce you, I asked
them to submit the following guest post….just remember growing older doesn’t
have to be boring any more:

“For centuries, elder care has
been the purview of daughters.  OMHU is a
design concern created by daughters, for other caretakers and the people we
care for.  OMHU is Danish for “with great
care,” and who knows the virtues of making an imperfect life beautiful better
than women.

As a daughter, I was donned the
curious responsibility of outfitting parents and in-laws with mobility
accessories. But as a designer, I found the market utterly depressing.  Medical-issue products shouldn’t remind
people of their age and disability, but they unfortunately do.  If people can choose from a wide catalog of
beautiful eyeglasses (which are technically a medical accessory), why can’t we
also choose from a wide range of canes, bath chairs, walkers, orthopedic shoes,

We’re on a mission here at OMHU,
along with a small but dedicated and growing list of brands who seek stylish
and ergonomically superior solutions to aid every human in all of their
activities.  Today, for us that means the
perfect cane.  Tomorrow, it will mean a
new perspective on graceful aging.
Many of us probably know someone
who needs a cane, but fear being stigmatized by anything that will label them “old.”    It stands
to reason that the perfect cane is not just functionally superior to the cheap
immediate solution at the drug store, but is also beautiful and make you feel
beautiful with it.
One of the best places to see
beautiful walking sticks is actually television.  Period shows like Mad Men and Downtown Abbey
have made wonderful use of walking sticks to signify class and style.  If Don Draper feels confident with a cane,
just about everyone should as well. 
Canes-as-accessories doesn’t need to be a bygone phenomenon. There’s
clearly no reason to separate style from debility accessories.

I am not afraid to call the OMHU
cane perfect, because it took a lifetime’s worth of experience in designing for
technology brands as well as kitchen goods like OXO’s Good Grips to realize the
needs for a perfect product.
Mapping the OMHU cane, we start
with the tactile energy of touching wood. 
Our cane handle is made of Baltic birch and finished in non-toxic Livos
Oil, with invisible rubber strips embedded for superior grip.  The outsized nature of the handle relaxes the
tensile stress some of us suffer from arthritis.  The shaft is made of one single piece of
bicycle-grade aluminum.  Single shafts
are crucial in stability.  The
convenience of an adjustable cane is a total myth.  It makes your cane less stable and creates a
clatter; what Metropolis Magazine calls “the sound of disability.”  Our patented tip is made from the same rubber
in the sole of hiking boots, and resists wear and tear.  Most importantly it will never slip.
Finally, what makes OMHU canes so
special is that they are brightly powder-coated in six different colors.  In my research on color therapy, I’ve learned
that the effect of color can be positively extraordinary.  Each of the OMHU colors represent a mood that
can transform your attitude about accessories!”

Hope, all of you will help spread
the word about OMHU!
Have a fabulous Thursday and make
sure you go by Katie’s Thursday Blog Hop on that day, to see all of the great topics
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  1. They are lovely. Because I am currently seeking my Master's Degree in Gerontology (and my undergrad is in the same area), I am very interested in learning about new products that are geared toward elderly people.

    These canes are beautiful and have in mind the truth that people who are growing older still desire to be stylish and colorful.

    Pam, I think it's great that you have expanded in a different fashion direction; one that validates the need to look good at any age.

  2. Oo, lovely. I don't 'need' one but I think I should have one.

    I want to threaten to beat small boys with it! Like a Dickensian madwoman!

    It would suit my 'image' very well. Eccentric.

    Tactile. Mmmmmmm. Dreamy.

  3. OK, everyone, the reason the canes are good for a blog such as this is NOT because we need them, but because many of us are taking care of or have elderly parents!! A great way to bless your own mom or grandmom!!! But, when I get there in 20 or so years…I am excited to know there will be stylish products such as this!!

  4. Congrats on the new sponsor Pam!!!

    Those canes are gorgeous. I occassionally have to use one when the fibro gets a bit rough. I am blessed to have annie's (my great-grandmother) cane. The one she CARRIED but refused to use even at age 100 because someone might think she was old and crippled!!

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