On the 12 Days of Vacation….Kelly Clarkson said to me….

 What doesn’t kill you makes you
….I needed to hear this message at one point this morning!  When I stepped outside for my morning walk,
the air was thick with high humidity and it was not inviting at all.  Another plus to walking in the mornings here
is a twenty degree difference….75 to 95….with humidity like this though, the 75
isn’t really that enjoyable. 
 I was
struggling throughout the walk and that little devil on one shoulder kept
telling me it was not worth it and that I would just go back to my unhealthy
ways, so why bother.  It was at that
point another walker went by me with Kelly’s message booming from her
headphones.  Just what I needed to
persevere and go forward!  Kelly actually
hails from my home, Midland, TX….we grow them tough out in West Texas!  Thanks Kelly!
I joined my friend, Kerry, for
lunch today and she introduced me to a low carb dish at her favorite Thai
restaurant.  We split the delicious Pad
wen sen and a sushi plate…it was excellent and filling!  She also taught me a lot about healthy eating
and armed me with material to come home and devise a new meal plan. 
I am finding that there is so much involved
with metabolism, and it just isn’t easy…when you factor in age, exercise,
menopause, hormones, etc., there are just no easy answers to getting things
going again.  But I am not
discouraged.  I am going to study what
she gave me and plow forward with the intention of turning my health
around.  I will report back to you what I
Have a wonderful Wednesday,
ladies!  Thanks for all of your encouragement…I
really do feel better each day!
Dry shampoo has been a must since I began walking every day.  With color on
my hair, I just cannot wash it every day.  This works great and keeps this doable!
Cardigan, pants, jewelry: Lane Bryant
Travelers Top:  Chicos
Shoes: Payless Shoes


  1. I feel your exercise pain, Pam. Normally, hubby and I are at the gym 5 days a week, even there for a 5:30 am Pilates class two of those days. Well, we have been away from home for 5 weeks and need I say that I was not even close to being faithful to my old routine. Next week looms heavy as I know hubby is going to be eager to get back to the gym. We are also planning to start the Advocare 24 day cleanse. I think vacation will be over. Stay with it though Pam and you will be so pleased with the results, but know it never gets easy, and if it does you aren't doing enough.

  2. I use bit clips to roll my hair up when I exercise. The sweat acts like steam and helps keep my hair poofy, the desired result. To heck with how it looks, I know two lawyers who arrive at the YMCA looking the same as me.

    My Dad used to rail about women in rollers: no rollers around the house when he was home. My husband never knew that was something men could complain about, so I happily ditched that rule when I grew up. I also run the vacuum when he's home, something else my Dad forbid. Sorry Daddy, I grew up and did what I wanted.

  3. I have been basically NO carb for months now.

    I have so much more energy. The weight loss has been steady and slow. I could take on the world!

    Just don't eat processed foods. If eat needs an ingredients list then you shouldn't be eating it.

    Best wishes.

  4. You look gorgeous, Pam. And I know that your new plan will help you feel even better. I am embarking on a new plan, too. It will be great to hear about your journey. Helps to keep inspired.

  5. Hooray, Pam, I'm over here cheering you on!!

    It's true that managing weight and metabolism is complicated, and grows even more so as we age. I think you're on the right track with lower-carb, less-processed foods. You'll *feel* better too. I remember a business trip to Houston. I got up at 6am to go for a walk on the hotel grounds "before it got hot" (HA!) and was drenched in sweat within 5 minutes. But I was also joined on my walk by a little armadillo, so that made the whole thing worthwhile.

  6. YaY Pam!
    With your and Kasmira's encouragement, I have started a walk/jog routine and I feel better aftet only 1 week, plus I weighed at my Doctor's office and am 1 lb lighter, but I can tell the difference mostly by the rezipping of a few pair of pants! Heres to good health! I've found that a can of peas makes a great late night snack, as they are sweet 😉

  7. keep it up!!!
    i remember those hot days in texas, spent most of my time in the baby pool once the bambinos came. lol
    want some good recipes???
    check out skinnytaste.com
    that site should keep you going for awhile

  8. Hi, Pam
    This quote is for you

    “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” —By Albert Einstein

  9. Good for you! If you can keep going through this I guess you can do anything.
    That humidity is really something. I remember arriving in Houston for an assignment one summer and finding that there were sheets of water running down the sides of the glass office building. No rain, just the condensation from the air. My "no-wrinkle" travel clothes were squashed into a damp crinkled mess within an hour.

  10. The sushi looks delicious and I'm a big fan of Thai food, though I don't have many opportunities to eat it. Treasure the moments of serendipity like hearing Kelly's song.

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