What doesn’t kill you makes you
….I needed to hear this message at one point this morning!  When I stepped outside for my morning walk,
the air was thick with high humidity and it was not inviting at all.  Another plus to walking in the mornings here
is a twenty degree difference….75 to 95….with humidity like this though, the 75
isn’t really that enjoyable. 
 I was
struggling throughout the walk and that little devil on one shoulder kept
telling me it was not worth it and that I would just go back to my unhealthy
ways, so why bother.  It was at that
point another walker went by me with Kelly’s message booming from her
headphones.  Just what I needed to
persevere and go forward!  Kelly actually
hails from my home, Midland, TX….we grow them tough out in West Texas!  Thanks Kelly!
I joined my friend, Kerry, for
lunch today and she introduced me to a low carb dish at her favorite Thai
restaurant.  We split the delicious Pad
wen sen and a sushi plate…it was excellent and filling!  She also taught me a lot about healthy eating
and armed me with material to come home and devise a new meal plan. 
I am finding that there is so much involved
with metabolism, and it just isn’t easy…when you factor in age, exercise,
menopause, hormones, etc., there are just no easy answers to getting things
going again.  But I am not
discouraged.  I am going to study what
she gave me and plow forward with the intention of turning my health
around.  I will report back to you what I
Have a wonderful Wednesday,
ladies!  Thanks for all of your encouragement…I
really do feel better each day!
Dry shampoo has been a must since I began walking every day.  With color on
my hair, I just cannot wash it every day.  This works great and keeps this doable!
Cardigan, pants, jewelry: Lane Bryant
Travelers Top:  Chicos
Shoes: Payless Shoes

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