Clothes That Say I AM IN CHARGE With A Discount Just for You!

Wow, thanks for a great discussion yesterday for VISIBLE
MONDAY!  There were so many great
comments… I know I will return to that post to read your words again and
again  I think the conversation proves that many of us enjoy blogs because they reach into our lives right where we live!
Today, I want to discuss the power of a classic,
professional look for work!  Sometimes we
just need to send that message…I AM IN CHARGE! 
When I want to make that statement, I go to my closet for one of my FOXCROFT COLLECTION blouses.  They give
me the best fit of any of my blouses and a soft, comfortable wear under a
jacket or alone.  And they hold their fit…wrinkle free…always looking crisp!
I just received this blueberry one and that excites me
because navy has returned to the fashion scene in a big way.  I first met Foxcroft last year, and
discovered I was slow to the party.  Many
readers told me they had known of the company and loved their clothing for
years.  They often buy these pieces in
some of the finer department stores.
But, just for you, Foxcroft Collection is giving a special
discount for an online order.  When you
place an order ONLINE between now and September 30, just use the code OVER50FX20 to
get a 20% discount!!  They are a great
friend to have when you need a power statement with your professional dress!
Now, go out and have a powerful Tuesday!!


  1. You look wonderful! I also love Foxcroft blouses. Your shoes are gorgeous! By the way, love the pillows on your bench! 🙂 Your front entrance looks so pretty!

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