I would like to initiate a discussion here on this day for
celebrating visibility!  I have read a
few comments in the blogosphere lately which add up to this:  IF you are older….if you do not spend big
bucks on your clothes…if you do not follow trends…if you are not a woman of the
world…then you cannot call yourself a fashion blogger!  Really?
It got me to thinking about the definition of the word
fashion.  If you look it up, you will
find a variety of definitions, and synonyms such as craze and fad.  So, if we are more into styling and less into
fads, then are we style and NOT fashion bloggers.
So confusing.  Can a
middle class, middle-aged, wife, mother, high school teacher from Texas be a
fashion blogger?  Some would say NO.  After two years of blogging, I think I am suffering
from an identity crisis…at least an identity as defined by other people.
So, what say you?  How
do you define fashion?  What is the
difference that you see between fashion and style?  Do the only true fashionistas come from large
markets with big budgets?  Must we fashion looks from the pages of Vogue to be taken seriously?

 Now, on to the clothes. I realize a returning trend is all things Black& White.  But, today, I am adding my twist
and being visible in Black & Cream. 
The Talbots’ capris were purchased on sale early in the summer.  The Chico’s Travelers jacket was $11 at one of my
favorite resale boutiques.  The fun camisole
was $6 at Ross a couple of years ago.  I
love the embroidery detail.  The bracelet
is Premiere Jewelry. 

It gives me JOY to look and feel my best…to play with
fashion and style and to write about it! 
Whatever box others want to place me in, I am good with.  I guess I just see things a bit differently
from those in the real fashion industry.   After you tell me your definition of what
fashion is, go see all the fabulous fashionistas at VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE!! And above all, HAVE AN AMAZING DAY!

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