I am sure I have said this before, but I firmly believe that
anyone contributing to the household income benefiting the entire family, should
give themselves little treats from time to time.  I make sure that each month includes a small
treat for me…it keeps me going…keeps me motivated…when I pat myself on the back
and say that I appreciate all I do!!
I work hard over the summer (when some teachers vacation) in
order to help our family, so I decided I would need an occasional bonus to keep
me chugging right along!  There have been
two items I have really wanted  the last
five years…a great pair of leather boots, and a leather jacket.  I still have not found the leather jacket I
like best, and will probably go without it again this year…but the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE gave me a way to get these fabulous boots by Enzo Angiolini!  I love them and the sale made it affordable.  I made a decision early in the summer to budget for either the jacket or the boots…I knew I could not do both.  But, it is worth it to me and when the price goes up in a few days, I will pat myself on the back yet again!
This sale is over in three days…August 6…so if you need to
give yourself a little treat, you might want to check it out!  This was a special treat…usually my bonuses are much smaller!
I am one happy camper and all the work days
of summer seem well worth it!!
Have a Wonderful Weekend, Everyone!!

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