Window at Talbot’s

Here are more pictures which captured my attention and my camera this week!!  HAVE A WONDERFUL

Signs of Autumn to come… I found in our street!!

Are all found on blogs!!

Grilled Salmon stuffed with crab on a bed of asparagus….YUM!

Ceiling of the restaurant which served the salmon!
Madeleine!!  You can tell by her nose that she got in a bit of a scuffle!

At Tuesday Morning!

Michael Kors at Tuesday Morning!



  1. Love those boots from Tuesday morning! (I'm going to have to see if there's one in my area… I've snagged some amazing deals now and again, at unexpected places, when it comes to shoes and boots especially…)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I really enjoyed what you found in your camera lens this week Pam. My granddaughter would have a fit over the Michael Kors purse and the color is perfect for her.

  3. The top picture really caught my eye. I am having trouble putting together clothing that isn't made up of three basic pieces (top, bottoms and some type of jacket.) I'm not sure where I got the idea of the layering need, but it seems like it's everywhere I look for women of a "certain" age. I need to remember that I have arms and showing elbows is OK. That I don't need to wear a belt (since I don't have a waist, no point in acting like I do.)


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