“All you really need is loads of self- confidence…and
a smile.”   Ines de la Fressange
I love this quote from Ines because I believe it to be so
true.  Really, you can wear and pull off
just about anything with self-confidence and a smile.  During my 40s, my self- esteem was in the
gutter. I allowed it to overshadow each clothing choice I made….my clothes sent
a strong message of “I DON’T CARE!”  And
I honestly believed because I was overweight, unhealthy, and exhausted I would
not look good in anything…even if Michael Kors walked into my house in person
and said he was there to dress me head to toe!!
I do not miss those days at all. But, the only thing that
has really changed is my attitude.  Oh
sure, I have lost a little weight; am on the road to a healthier me; and maybe
go to bed a little earlier…but overall, 
I am still the same.  The biggest
difference is that now I am having fun with my fashion as opposed to beating
myself over the head with it.  I am
determined to have more positive thinking days than negative (notice I did not
try to convince you that I am 100% positive all of the time) and I am
determined to smile more than I frown.
Jacket and Skirt: Lane Bryant
Ralph Lauren Equestrian Blouse: Marshalls
Boots: Ross 
Once I discovered how I react to my circumstances is my choice, I was able to turn it around. 
Now, I can look at a great trend like EQUESTRIAN and really have a lot
of fun.
Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!  Did anyone score big at sales the past few days?

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