Feeling Leopard Inside and Out!

Yesterday I wrote about self-confidence and smiling…important
pieces of our personal style. Some of you left such sweet and encouraging comments…thank you so much.   One
reader said to me, “I guess I could be more confident, if I would just stop
listening to those voices in my head which tear me down!”
Controlling internal messages is very important.   When I start to hear them too often, I will
just make myself say STOP!
The voice I currently hear the most during any given day says:
“Don’t eat it if you are not hungry!”
“Be slow to speak. 
Quick to listen. Slow to become angry” 
(I teach teenagers…there are many times during a day I can over-react if
I allow myself to go there)
“Only think on today…tomorrow has enough worries of its own.”

Jacket, Denim pants, sweater: Lane Bryant
Scarf: Marshalls
Flats: Old Navy
I really try to stop the negative voices on a consistent basis…when
I first hear one of those messages, I will immediately tell myself…YOU DON’T
NEED THAT!  I pounce on it like a leopard and shut it down!
Now, go look in the mirror and tell yourself just how amazing
you are!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Negative feelings (inner-voices)are our worst enemy! I can usually push them away but, when emotions are already on high alert it becomes difficult. I think I'll wear leopard again tomorrow…………Grrr!!!!!

  2. Love the scarf. Looks fab.

    And I always find it interesting that as women we will give our girlfriends encouraging words and tell them to give themselves a break. But we don't do the same for ourselves.

  3. How true Tracey's comment is ! I'm always telling my daughter to make ME time. It took me a long time to find time for myself, & my biggest fault used to be my glass was always half empty & now it's half full. Your encouraging thoughts are great for this festive time of the year, when it's so easy to get stressed over a simple little thing. I will have to get myself a leopard print scarf, You look full of confidence in yours. Thanks for your lovely post.

  4. Great post! One of my key quotes is 'Sufficient unto the day is the trouble thereof' (the old version of one of your quotes). I try really hard to let go of worrying about tomorrow when I'm lying in bed trying to sleep (with mixed success).

    As someone commented above, I find 'me time' really important. If I'm not making time to nurture myself, if I'm pushing myself into more and more, it's easy for things to spiral and for me to become more and more stressed. I'm working hard on trying to relax (if that makes sense) and get back into a better balance.


  5. I am so happy I found your blog. I have been following for about 6 months.
    You have empowered yourself, and you don't realize it. Quit worrying about everything you eat. If you want something, just eat 1/2, See's candy I limit myself to 2 pieces, but, I buy the pieces I like best. I order a prime rib dinner. I eat 1/2 of the salad, 1/2 of my prime rib, and so on. I think I told you I lost 60 lbs years ago. Just recently at the doctor's I realized I had gained 20 of those pounds. So, I had slipped on my eating, so I got back on track. No more chips, soda, ice cream, and I don't miss it AND I've lost 10 lbs. Like I told you before, I don't have a scale in our house. And I don't usually look when I go to the dr.
    I have been updating my wardrobe since I found your blog. I don't work outside of the house, but I still get up do my hair, makeup, and get dressed everyday. And I like to look sharp, like you do. You just keep it up, you are doing great! blessings Paula Lusk

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