Goodwill Mother/Daughter Time!

I hope all of you had a special Thanksgiving weekend!  While I was asleep last weekend, magic
happened.  This is the time of year when
South Texas finally experiences a touch of autumn and some of the leaves go
full color.  There are just a few spectacular
ones this year as the weather is so mild and we have as yet not had a
freeze.  But, what there is around is
Scored with this great sweater and three tops!..One has a bow and polka
dots…very cute!
This was also a great time to get in a Mother/Pregnant
Daughter shopping trip to Goodwill SA
Pregnancy is one of those times when it just does not make since to pay
big prices for maternity clothes.  Your
body is constantly changing and authentic maternity clothes can be very
expensive.  It is much more fun to spend
the money on the baby!  Also, when I was
pregnant most of my friends bought authentic maternity clothes…now- a- days,
the young ladies like the tight look of regular clothes in larger sizes.  However, for my daughter in her third
trimester….the pants are getting a little uncomfortable!  But, her feet are comfortable in these great boots we found at Goodwill for her.
Since she was in need of something to wear, we headed out to
Goodwill.  This was a great place to find
what we needed for beyond affordable prices. 
We also found brand new baby clothes (Yes, she is having my first grandson!) and parenting
books by authors we love!
Of course, I had to come home with something…this Chicos
Travelers Striped Top made for a perfect addition to my closet.  We had a great day and hit up a couple of
baby shops on the way home…after frozen yogurt!
I will be doing another television appearance this Saturday morning at 7:30 on KENS 5 News for Goodwill…tune in for more ideas!!
Have a wonderful Monday everyone…make sure you enter my
contest HERE to win a skirt; and visit the other ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY!! and MONDAY MINGLE and CREATIVE MONDAYS!!


  1. Oh congratulations!!! To all of you!!! This is such a special time and I'm ecstatic that you can share it. Also congrats on your TV appearance. I hope it doesn't create so much buzz that all of a sudden their prices go through the roof. I'm a Goodwill convert, as you know.

    You and your daughter look so happy and beautiful. Have a wonderful week!!

  2. What a lovely daughter! Those are great boots. That's one thing I can never find thrifting…and I look every time I go. I've gotten a couple of ones I've settled for, but not the GOOD ones I'd like to have.
    Love the Chico's striped top. I think I just thrifted one very similar in same brand also.
    Congrats on your soon to arrive new grandson!

  3. I bet you are proud of thow beautiful your daughter looks carrying that boy, ahhhhhhhhhhh
    Such a wonderful fun to shop together.
    Good to go to Goodwill,my favourite place ever.

  4. I've also discovered that Goodwill is a great place to shop for clothing when you are loosing weight and don't plan on being a particular size for very long … at least, not long enough to justify normal retail prices 🙂 Your daughter, like you, looks amazing — great finds!

  5. Your daughter is beautiful. What lovely memories you shared and those boots she got are fab.

    Yes, dear Pam, we are indeed Chico's girls. I rarely find their clothing in the thrift stores, but thank goodness they have such excellent sales. You look fab in your outfit for today.

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