Recently, Mr. B and I decided to try a new restaurant in town which was located in a trendy, artsy development.  We were impressed from the beginning…the atmosphere was cozy with a San Francisco-pier type of feeling.  The manager met us at the door and was so friendly.  He escorted us to a prime seat and made sure we had a view of the evening’s entertainment…beautiful Spanish guitar and female vocalist. He recommended a wine and ceviche appetizer which were perfect.  We sat during the first half hour wondering about the friends and family we could share this experience with…thinking we had discovered a treasure.  After the order was placed….everything went downhill.  It would be another hour before our food arrived…they got my order wrong…and all of the main courses were bland…I could have cooked better food.  At the expensive price, our high praises quickly went down the drain.  My husband said as we left, “they need to concentrate on the hot dog.”
When I pressed him, he shared with me a book he was reading from the NY Times Best Seller List: REWork BY Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.  Here is the excerpt, Mr. B spoke of:
Start with the Epicenter
“When you start anything new, there are forces pulling you
in a variety of directions. There’s the stuff you could do, the stuff you want
to do, and the stuff you have
to.  The stuff you have to do is where you want to begin.  Start at the epicenter.
For example, if you’re opening a hot dog stand, you could
worry about the condiments, the cart, the name, the decoration.  But the first thing you should worry about is
the hot dog.  The hot dogs are the
epicenter.  Everything else is secondary.
The way to find the epicenter is to ask yourself this
question: “ If I took this away, would what I’m selling still exist?”  A hot dog stand isn’t a hot dog stand without
the hot dogs.  You can take away the
onions, the relish, the mustard, etc. Some people may not like your
topping-less dogs, but you’d still have a hot dog stand.  But you simply cannot have a hot dog stand
without any hot dogs.
So figure out your epicenter. Which part of your equation
can’t be removed?  If you can continue to
get by without this thing or that thing, then those things aren’t the
epicenter.  When you find it, you’ll
know. Then focus all your energy on making it the best it can be.  Everything else you do depends on that

 How It Applies
This is a long way of telling you that this passage got me to thinking deeply about my own hot dog.  Time management as a blogger is a real trick for me…especially since I teach and freelance write.  Desiring total blog success, I have signed up for every opportunity…Face Book, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube Channel, Blog Radio!!  I have a presence on them all…fully intending to develop all of them, but, yet, never having the time to do so. They hang over my  head bringing stress and guilt along for the ride, and I always feel as though I am running behind the social media train attempting to catch up.  I am slowly developing Face Book and Twitter, but the rest just sit waiting for my attention.  So, after reading this book…I surmised that my hot dog is my blog….and that is where my attention should be for the time being.  I truly have a desire to improve it and make it a go- to site for middle aged women.  I love helping and working with women!  I have discovered a new passion and joy! 
But, I need your comments.  Please tell me
1. What do you like about my blog? (always helps to start positive)
2. What would you like to see on this site?
3. Would you like it better were it to be more of a magazine format with more options?
4. What would need to happen here to cause you to tell more of your friends about it?  Suggestions for improvements welcome!
5.  Would you like to see me initiate different topics on Face Book and Twitter?
This was my first profile picture…I did not have the courage for months
to show my face!!

Yep….I really hid behind my hands!!

From hiding to hats…we’ve come a long way baby!!
I have lots of plans for the blog this year…let’s just say some fancy mustard and relish! However, I have had plans before and life sets in…so let’s just concentrate on the bun and frank for now.  I really want to know what you think…how can I best serve you, the reader??
Please answer…and then on Thursday go visit the other wonderful bloggers from Katie’s Favorite Thing Blog Hop
And, check out the fashionable bloggers over at
Adrienne’s The Rich Life on a Budget for a chic and fun black and white event.

Have a great one and thanks for your help!

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