Making Everything Old New Again!!

Really, that’s what I have been doing for the last nine
making something old new again…ME
But, today I am discussing updating old looks.  I found this silk Maggy London nehru-style
suit at Goodwill.  The fit was so great,
I thought…surely, I could update the jacket and get some wear out of it….for
$6.99 it was worth a try! (I gave the skirt back to Goodwill!)
I wish I owned a pair of slim cut, black denim pants…but I
don’t …so I styled it with my Lee slimming trouser jeans from Kohl’s, and a V
neck black sweater.   Silk is perfect in
South Texas for spring and fall, but on a middle aged woman in the summer heat,
it will not work well and may result in excessive sweat!  For the cool breezes of February,however, I really
like the look.
The necklace needed a makeover.  This is a Chico’s short necklace from the
early 1990’s.  The little plastic balls in
the middle of the cross had completely lost the copper paint originally
there.  I took out my needle- nosed
pliers and re-fashioned the length to be longer and then took out brown nail
polish and repainted the little balls!  
It’s new again!!
The other accessories:
Bueno Bag: Marshalls
Dana Buchman Bracelet: Kohl’s
Sam Edelman Leopard Flats: DSW
Silver Ball Studs: 

No new purchases in this outfit…in fact the Goodwill
purchase was even made last year!  Shopping
your closet with an eye for reinvention can often pay off big time.

Something else that is fun will be the two great giveaways I
have on hand for you over the next eight days! 
You will not want to miss these or the upcoming posts this week!!
Now, thank you so much for stopping by and have a marvelous
and do not forget to visit the

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  1. Brown is my go to color right now (I go in stages) what a deal! And I can't even decide which of your accessories I love the most! (maybe the shoes?)

    Always Summer

  2. This was such a fun blog to read and you've inspired me to look at my clothes and wardrobe differently. You look great! I'm also going to take a stroll through our local Goodwill. I've been wanting to do that anyway. I had fun visiting your blog. Take care!

  3. Pam! What a great idea to just redonate the skirt! You're right about the fit of th jacket….it's perfect!! I'm trying to do better at shopping my closet…great things, just need to look at them with a different eye. Hugs to you my gorgeous friend! Serene

  4. I love the new look of your blog! You are inspiring me to update, so we will see when I can get that accomplished.

    Very creative touch ups Pam. The leopard print flats add flair to an already chic ensemble.

  5. The jacket is so amazing it's a good idea to refashion it. You look gorgeous and elegant in it! I have such a jacket in creamwhite and I love it more than every blazer.
    I like your new header and the new color scheme!

  6. I had some cheap hoop earrings that lost their 'gold' shine so I got out my burgundy nail polish and gave them a new look. I quite enjoy wearing them again.

  7. I think you look splendid in this outfit. Every bit of it is lovely from the jacket to the handbag to the accessories. I have used nail polish to spiffy up a necklace. What you did really refreshes it and makes it look brand new.

  8. Hi Pam– I have enjoyed your blog for a while now (loved the chicken pie) but have never been compelled to comment until now. Please share how you have managed to maintain a NINE year plan of reinvention- super will power? Over the last few months I have been reading a few of the blogs by over 50 women and am realizing that maybe my too big in the butt jeans and hoodie with holes in it are sending the wrong message out into the world- I work in a basically one person office (me) for a mostly absent boss so dressing for work has never been a real priority but reading the blogs written by women approximately my age has been a real eye opener and inspiration. Just wondering how you have managed to stay focused. Thanks.

  9. Pam You are an inspiration to those of us who are not as chic as you are. I want to start my own Blog soley because you inspired me to never give give up. I have a serious back problem and may not be walking soon, but these blogs are my inspiration. Please don't ever quit. Thank you Kate

  10. Your greatest make over was the re-design of YOU! Love the re-mix here, the jacket is classic! The necklace is brilliant re-use of DIY! And those shoes are adorable! You are fabulous!

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