What Archie Bunker Taught Me About Style!

You read it right…Archie Bunker, indirectly, helped me develop a personal style.

I thought about it this past week when actress Jean Stapleton passed away.  And now I write about it HERE for Generation Fabulous.  Please hop on over and see what two accessories I try to never leave home without.

Have a fabulous Tuesday, everyone!  This is the last day to put your name in for the amazing Shabby Apple dress at the top of the sidebar.  

Also, welcome new readers…I am so happy to have you join in our conversations!


  1. Hi Pam~Loved your post on lessons learned on Generation Fabulous. I always appreciate your honest approach to life perspectives. Your trip to Chicago looks amazing and I the Eileen Fisher so perfect on you. The tunic was spectacular-happy you got to make that piece yours. I'm still working but my summer is on the horizon.
    xx, Heather @Stylemindchic

  2. Oh, I see Jean Stapleton and get misty that she has passed. What a wonderful actress, and though we know her largely for All in the Family, do you remember her in You've Got Mail? What a delight.

    And I agree on Eileen Fisher. Thumbs up!


    1. Iloved her in You've Got Mail…but it happens to be one of my top favorite movies…New York, autumn, books, coffee, love story…can't get any better than that!

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