48 Hours…

I’m down to two days and counting until I turn 60!  So, I spent most of Thursday reading a little bit of everything on feeling youthful.  

Here are a couple of articles from Oprah, I thought you might find interesting…

FASHION TIPS TO LOOK YOUNGER  (do you think black ages us??)

HOW TO ADD ANOTHER YEAR TO YOUR LIFE  (Yes, drink more coffee)

I will share with you later how I am celebrating!


We’ll see!
I do know of one special celebration for my birthday in a couple of weeks…but SHHHH, it’s a secret right now!

No matter what…I will get some R & R …this working with a trainer thing is exhausting!

Have a wonderful weekend all!

This was another opportunity to show some more pictures from my trip to Chicago!!


  1. I turned 60 last October. It's the only birthday that's really bothered me. But it's better in the reality than in the anticipation.:) Happy birthday.

  2. Pam, don't think of becoming 60 as getting older. You are finally reaching the age of liberation and celebration. I have loved being 60 and although having a bit of an issue with 70 in a little more than a year, I would not go back one single day. Getting yourself healthy and confident will be the most important gift you can give yourself and you are doing that, so go out and celebrate the gorgeous lady you are!

  3. Hello Pam! It sounds like you are having a wonderful, energetic and adventurous summer. I'm catching up on all of my favorite blogs now that I am back from vacation (where I turned 52). Wishing you a fabulous birthday!!
    xx, Heather @ Stylemindchic

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