Happy Friday!  In deciding what to post today, I reflected on this past week…each day comes with ups and downs.  So, I choose now to focus on the ups and not let the downs get to me.  I took some beautiful pictures for this post, sat down, took a phone call, and somehow misplaced the camera card.  I almost did not post at all, and then I remembered all that went right this week.

The week began with decorating my house and I love to decorate for Christmas.  

It gives me so much joy and now that cold winds or blowing…I love it even more.

I also just came from a delicious facial at Saks Fifth Avenue with the esthetician from IOMA-PARIS…so relaxing and available to any IOMA customer…the skincare line which keeps me looking younger!

Also, while I was there I purchased the Bobbi Brown smokey eye pallette!  I have been thinking about it ever since I saw it demonstrated a few weeks ago!  I love how these colors enhance my hazel eyes and I have a big Christmas party this weekend!

And, I am really excited to announce the winner of the Blue Nile Branch Necklace is Kay Merket…congratulations Kay!

So, it is all about the focus! I hope I find the camera card, but for right now…I will enjoy my decorations, winter weather, and planning for a fun weekend ahead!  

Enjoy your Friday…stay warm!

San Antonio, IOMA and Bobbi Brown can be found
at Saks Fifth Avenue in North Star Mall!

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