How’s Your Focus?

Happy Friday!  In deciding what to post today, I reflected on this past week…each day comes with ups and downs.  So, I choose now to focus on the ups and not let the downs get to me.  I took some beautiful pictures for this post, sat down, took a phone call, and somehow misplaced the camera card.  I almost did not post at all, and then I remembered all that went right this week.

The week began with decorating my house and I love to decorate for Christmas.  

It gives me so much joy and now that cold winds or blowing…I love it even more.

I also just came from a delicious facial at Saks Fifth Avenue with the esthetician from IOMA-PARIS…so relaxing and available to any IOMA customer…the skincare line which keeps me looking younger!

Also, while I was there I purchased the Bobbi Brown smokey eye pallette!  I have been thinking about it ever since I saw it demonstrated a few weeks ago!  I love how these colors enhance my hazel eyes and I have a big Christmas party this weekend!

And, I am really excited to announce the winner of the Blue Nile Branch Necklace is Kay Merket…congratulations Kay!

So, it is all about the focus! I hope I find the camera card, but for right now…I will enjoy my decorations, winter weather, and planning for a fun weekend ahead!  

Enjoy your Friday…stay warm!

San Antonio, IOMA and Bobbi Brown can be found
at Saks Fifth Avenue in North Star Mall!


  1. Awww…look at the kitty on the table. Enjoy the party. You're going to love it! And stay for ZZT! I'd say maybe I'll see you but you wouldn't believe how big it is and how many people are there! So much fun!

  2. Your house looks lovely. I *just* put away Thanksgiving decor today. Hope to get around to decorating for Christmas this weekend. Good luck finding your camera card. And have a great time at your Christmas party! Yep, it's all about where we put our focus!

  3. Woo Hoo! My daughter-in-law with the new grandson will get this to commemorate the new "branch" to our family…Love love love it! And thanks for continuing to encourage us, Pam…

  4. Your blog looks fun to follow, I'm with you in losing things. They say retrace your steps but then if like me you won't remember them either – oh well! As they say on all the best tea towels in the UK at the moment 'Keep calm and carry on'!
    Wren x

  5. I ove coming to your blog! Your writing always reminds me to look on the good side. I have a tendency to get depressed if everything isn't going just so, and it's so important to remember all the great things that happen to us every day.


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