Goodwill Hunting: One Fun Day!

When the weather is dreary and yukky, there is one activity guaranteed to bring a smile…Goodwill hunting!

Last Saturday, I headed over to the new Bulverde Road location at Highway 1604 and made some sunny discoveries!  So many top labels, my head was spinning!

I did leave with a couple of jackets I know I will enjoy when the weather begins to warm! One was a beautiful gold from Chicos and the other a polka dot tunic.

So much fun!!  I highly recommend GOODWILL when you need a little warmth!  Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!


  1. Good finds Pam! I think I remember this Kenneth Cole jacket in the store, so cute. These are great deals that look so good on you.

    blue hue wonderland

  2. Our Goodwill has a wonderful selection also. So many of the items still have original tags on them and the fact that you are repurposing something is positive. I often purchase jewelry items there. If I am not able to use them "as is" then I restring them into more current looking pieces.

    I adore both of your finds. You have a great style eye.

  3. That Kenneth Cole jacket is so cute! I've been meaning to try Goodwill but was a little scared. Thrift shops in the past…have been….well..scary. The smell, the experience. But these Goodwills here in San Antonio look so clean from the outside! And if they have nice stuff at good prices – I'm in!

  4. You scored!! I just did my first Thrift shopping and got a short sleeve jacket for my Mom for $2.50. I am slowly getting into the mix. Waiting to see that Kenneth Cole on you. . .

  5. Wow Pam! You hit it big on your rainy day shopping trip-I am so impressed. Looks like you brought home some stylish fun.
    Happy Weekend and stay warm. I know you are being hit hard down your way.
    xx, Heather

  6. Gracious good lady – Joy to you and I'm following since meeting you via Katherine's Corner. Love your style – I'm a Goodwill Fashion Queen, too – and I share my style via speaking programs and my own floral frill accessory creations – not to hide behind but just to wear "for the frill of it!" I find we all so casual these days. LOVE your polka dot jacket – Yes!
    Kathy at The Writer's Reverie

  7. Great finds! I am a member of the Junior League of San Antonio and all our members donate annually to Goodwill. The JLSA is having its Rummage Around Sale on Saturday, February 22nd. Many of the clothing items are never or gently-used. We teamed up with Goodwill to create a specific area called 'Julia's Attic', which carries the higher-end clothing. For more info:

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