I am so excited that I can actually bend all the way over and look at my legs; but, not happy about what I saw!  They were so dry after hot showers and winter weather!  However, the wonderful ladies at the SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, IOMA-PARIS, counter had a solution

They recommended IOMA-PARIS specifically for LEGS and FEET to get “spring” ready.  In fact, one called the product a hangover remedy for high heel wearers…not me, but my feet still need special loving!  The gel makes my party with a tingly-healing feeling!

You can order online with these links, if you do not have a Saks nearby.  IOMA-PARIS is exclusive at
Saks…however, I am told is everywhere in France. I love their products!

Start preparing legs and feet now, so when sandal-weather finally comes (and it will come!) we will be ready!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!!

Samples provided by IOMA-PARIS at Saks Fifth Avenue

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