Recently, a post on another blog made me 
wonder…why exactly do I do this any way?  So, 
here is my answer…..
Why do I blog?

Because I love to write…to write each day and actually publish it
for an audience is electrifying!

Because I love to create…a blog becomes my own little 
magazine where I can create with words, photographs, and 
graphics…and I have always wanted to be EIC of a magazine.

Because I love to help other women…the many emails and 
comments of THANK YOU keeps a smile on my face.  (I wish a
blog had existed to help me 20 years ago.)

Because I have a marketing background and mind… to work
with brands and to share with others the wonderful products
on the market, I believe helps others…then you decide if it fits 

for you or not.

Because I love to have a little money …just for me…to spend on 
myself or others…I decide…and I earned it!

Because I can leave my day job and escape into a different 
world of beauty and inspiration.

Because blogging is ageless.

Because I have met so many fabulous women and made new
friends around the world.
Because it’s fun.  If it’s not fun…don’t do it!

That’s why I blog…how about you??

Happy Friday, everyone!

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