Recommended Reads on an Autumn Day

Happy Saturday, everyone! I am going to make a confession…I hope I do not lose readers over this…but here goes…I am not a fan of Halloween.  I don’t mind a fun costume party…but the dark side of Halloween, I loathe.  When my children were small, I would  deal with the consequences once a grocery store clerk or neighbor scared them to death around Halloween.  Then, one year, it was popular to stuff pumpkin garbage bags and decorate yards with them…(never fall for a marketer convincing you that putting garbage bags anywhere but the garbage is a good thing)!  That year, the wind blew one of those bags out of a neighbor’s yard while I was driving…it went under my car…got sucked up into the underneath…and destroyed my transmission…over $2000 to fix.
Nope, not a fan…though my grandchildren are really cute in their costumes!

So…. Happy Autumn Saturday!  I wish you joy…not ghosts or goblins!  What I do like is making pumpkin bread this time of year especially with my new BREAD PAN FROM SUR LA TABLE

  And, I wanted to share with you some reads I really enjoyed this past week! Get a cup of coffee and read the links below!

 Hope you like them  and also you will return here Sunday morning for a brand new special event which I am doing with another blogger/friend.  See you then…stay safe today and tonight!
Avoid garbage bag pumpkins wherever you are!

Good reads:

1. Sylvia of 40+ Style interviewed the inspiring Betty Halbreich! See the INTERVIEW HERE.  I reviewed Betty’s book MY REVIEW OF BETTY”S BOOK CLICK HERE.  BUY HER BOOK HERE

2. On Vibrant Nation, they are discussing motivation to keep a regular workout going…and I liked what she said about coffee, because I do this and I thought it helped! READ HERE 10 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR FITNESS INTENSITY

3. Sweet Katherine has one of the best blog hops in town and this week there were so many fun seasonal recipes plus edible cookie dough…gotta love it!  READ THURSDAY’S FAVORITE BLOG HOP HERE.

4. Susan shows us over 50 ladies just the right amount of sparkle to wear for a night out.  You might look at HER BLOG HERE, before your date night this evening.

5. Finally, Jill shows us another great look from the smart Duchess Kate, SEE HER HERE!

Be sure and comment when you stop by the reads…it always encourages the author of the post!  


  1. Oh Pam, thank you so much for linking to me. What a lovely surprise on this first day of November! I am truly honored and touched. I really liked Kate's look and I feel like she has been taking some flak for her fashion choices in the past week, which drives me crazy because I can only imagine what it must be like to have all eyes on your outfits every time you step out the door! I want to support her, not bash her. Her job is not an easy one! I hope you had a joyous Halloween!.

  2. I totally understand your attitude toward Halloween! For many years, I absolutely dreaded it. Here in our small town, it was a night when "tricks" were actually condoned vandalism. As teachers, our home, like the local churches, school and businesses, was a favourite target. We would spent the following day scrubbing frozen egg and other nasty substances off our windows and permanently stained siding. Thankfully, that generation has grown up, our house has been repainted and Halloween has finally become nothing more than a quiet evening spent handing out candy to little costumed cuties.

    Elaine @ Following Augustine

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