As I walked out to leave for work one morning this week, a neighbor was walking by with her dog.  We did our usual smiles and nods before I jumped behind the wheel to take off.

But, as I pulled from the driveway, my eyes became transfixed on the rear view mirror and the morning sky! So, I quickly stopped the car and jumped out with my phone to get these shots.  The neighbor had walked to the opposite side of the street by that time, and looked at me puzzled.
I said, “Wow, look at the sky. I just had to stop and take a picture.”

She replied, “Oh my, I walked right past it with my head down.  If it had not been for you, I would have missed it.”

Thought for the day:  Take time to stop and look at the beauty that surrounds us. It would be sad to miss out!  It is raining all day where I am, but nice to remember the sky from earlier this week. I think more than ever, technology trains us to look down…so ponder awhile and look up!

Have a fun weekend, everyone!  Take some time to admire all going on around you!

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