Career Reinvention Over 60: The Ups and Downs + #OOTD Fun

Something I
love about my new job is I do not have to look the same every day.  Some days I can wear an outfit like the one
above when I am working in house or conducting certain types of
interviews.  Other days, I need a more
professional style for business meetings or presentations. 
I always
need a hopeful, humble attitude though. 
Last Thursday, I wrote about starting over with humility.  On that same day, I was sent to a luncheon
for a business women’s organization to assist with social media during the
event. They put together an excellent panel discussion on entrepreneurship. 
During the
actual program, I bent down low and went forward to get a shot of the panel for
Instagram and Twitter.  Wouldn’t you know
it…my foot caught on a chair moving back to my seat and I wiped out in front of
everyone!! Several thought I passed out and one was calling 911 until she heard
me laughing.
There are
days I wish I was invisible…that was one of them.  Of course, a cute, young social media maven
in high heels came right after me to also take her photos, and did it with
grace and panache!  My family is still
laughing.  Just re-telling it makes me
want to throw up.  It was an I FEEL OLD
MOMENT.  But, I know it can happen to
anyone…just ask singer and 22 year old Meaghan Trainor who fell recently on the
Tonight Show during a performance.  I
guess we have more in common than I wrote about on Tuesday…bless her heart.
laughing at myself was the best way to handle it.  I was wearing a fun outfit though…always go
down in style.   The one above was a
Friday look working in the office.  I
love it and feel very confident in it. 
All the pieces have been in my closet for a long time…but just recently
met each other in one look.  I think next fall I will repeat this with my faux leather leggings.

My experience is you
have to work a little harder on confidence when over 60…but I still have it and
am hopeful I am charting a new course with a smile.  
I am also stepping out of my comfort zone with a new lip color…RED!
I was given this sample of TOM FORD LIP COLOR MATTE at a Beauty Event at Saks Fifth Avenue months ago.  It sat in my makeup case for a long, long time and finally last week, I decided to try it.
Love the color, and this brand goes on like butter and stays there.
And I will now wear red more often!

Joan Vass Leggings from MARSHALLS
Lucky Brand Leather Flats from MACY’S
Eileen Fisher Long Cardigan from EILEEN FISHER AT DILLARDS

Have a Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Lovely outfit and the red lipstick looks beautiful on you! I once gave a presentation for work in front of about 30 people who were all close enough to notice that my fly was wide open the entire time! Like glaringly so! All you can do is laugh it off. It builds character! Plus I'm sure you looked absolutely adorable in what you were wearing even as you were falling over!


  2. Beautiful, talented Jennifer Lawrence is known for her falls. You are in great company! But none of us like it when we fall, young or older. As for the redd lipstick – I am eternally on the hunt for the right red. They always get "pinker" than I want. I'll have to check this one out. Hopefully it will not end up in my million dollar collection of purchased-but-rejected red lipsticks!

    1. I need to learn to fall like a JLO! I love this lipstick…can't believe I kept it so long without trying it…I love how it stays on my lips…I am a red girl now for sure! Thanks Lisa.

  3. I'll bet if we're being honest, more than a few of us have had those moments, I know I have. Laughing does help a lot, because people don't know what to do or how to respond. If we laugh at ourselves (in a good way), it puts everyone at ease. They are mortified for you, I've found, and there is nothing like lightening the moment to help everyone out!

  4. Pam: this was very well said! I am well over 60 (and feeling 40!) and understand completely. I had to stand before a small crowd, microphone in hand, just the other night. My husband said he simply could not believe that I was up there, talking, laughing and yes, actually enjoying it. Felt good. Anyway, we get better and better after 60, right? And, I adore that lipstick. I'm off to the mall this afternoon and will be at Nordstrom and look for it. Thanks!

  5. If something like that had happened to me when I was younger, I would have been absolutely mortified and would have relived it in my mind over and over again. Now, in my 60s, I would probably have laughed too! I'm so thankful that with age has come greater self-confidence.

    You look lovely in this outfit, Pam!

    Elaine @ Following Augustine

  6. Oh Pam, I can imagine your embarrassment! I hate when things like that happen. You're brave to share it again with us. That's one of the fabulous things about you Pam…you're honest and open about struggles and how you turn them to growth experiences. Love the red lipstick on you! Go Pam!!

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