I receive many products for women over 50 to test for you…sometimes I like them and sometimes I do not.  I only write about the best products for women over 50 that I like and have seen actual positive results.  Sometimes I stumble upon them on my own.

This serum is such a product.  I was looking for a retinol serum, reasonably priced and based on the reviews, I decided to try Eva Naturals.  Every morning, I clean my face with a gentle exfoliate using a white wash cloth, and then follow up with a serum.  I began this process about six years ago, and love what a serum does for my complexion.  I have used three (one went out of business) and I like the ones with retinol and hyaluronic acid.

I am so pleased with Eva Naturals, and combining it with the cream below has my skin currently looking more firm than it has in awhile.  I am very pleased with how both of these are working together.

This Osmotics Blue Copper repair cream was sent to me by Soft Surroundings.  Yes, it costs more than creams you get at the grocery store, but it works so well.  I have been using the sample twice a day (after the serum) and I am amazed at how the firmness of my skin currently looks.  It does have copper in it.

I do highly recommend both (which I rarely say “highly recommend”)   Find the links below….

Eva Naturals Retinol Serum

Osmotics Blue Copper Firming Elasticity Repair

Do you pay attention to the firmness of your complexion?


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