I Finally Found These Rockport Flats!

I wear these beautiful Rockport flats often, and they disappeared from the Rockport website some time ago.  But, I recently found them again and can now honor your request of WHERE DO I FIND THOSE SHOES?

Here is the link and I hope it helps some of you who really wanted them to bring a pair home!  I love them…comfy, beautiful, and perfect for spring and summer!  They are from the super comfortable Total Motion collection.

Rockport Adelyn Ballet Flat



  1. I love nude shoes and think they need to be a wardrobe staple. I like the pointed toe (always dressy and slimming!) and the higher toe box! I have nude pumps and wear them often. They work also to make legs look longer!

    1. I really love them, Karen. I agree that they should be a wardrobe staple…you can do so much with them. Thanks!

  2. I would love to wear Rockports and these are my favorite style of flats. I’d have them in every color if they ever starting making narrow widths. (The only thing narrow on my body.)

    If you ever come across a good shoe manufacturer who makes narrow widths, please pass it on.

  3. Great colour and I like the little heel.Are they well padded for comfort?I’ve never worn Rockport shoes and I’ve heard good things.

    1. THey are well padded. I love the Total Motion Collection…the comfort and designs are amazing. I highly recommend.

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