“When you have a signature style, you show the “who” of who you are; and when that happens, you express your inner beauty. Your signature style is your first expression of who you are to those your meet.” – Cynthia Lee Miller

Last week, we re-visited my Foundational Five styling adjectives.  I believe that system has aided me greatly in discovering a signature style.  Also, reading the advice of women who’s advice resonated with me…like Cynthia Lee Miller.  She writes in a old essay, ” It (signature style) is about blending your personal energies,personal intention and who you are. When you think signature style, think color, design, look, intent!”

I believe this outfit depicts my signature style…it meets my adjectives I want to communicate: savvy, creative, approachable, youthful and strong. The adjecives show my “intent” with my messaging.  Though I wear many neutral outfits, I also love color and the message of creativity which comes with color.  I live in a very colorful community…San Antonio.Miller writes, ” Color is the first thing you see and the last thing you forget. It surrounds us in nature, is the creative force in art and is ever present in fashion. Color enriches our lives.”

This is also another look with pieces I have owned for a long time….

Jacket is from Macys…an after Christmas sale long ago

Purple knit tunic top is Eileen Fisher from a Dillards sale a few years ago

Scarf was a sale purchase in a boutique in the Houston airport

Denim Metro Leggings are from Soft Surroundings  ( know I wear them alot!)

Bracelets were on a sale rack at Dillards last year

The scarf really made the look because it has all the colors in it from the top, denim, and blues in the bracelets.  It is a touch of pattern mixing…same colors repeated.  I meant to take the jacket off at work, but liked the look so much, I left it on all day. This is how my adjectives and advice from others wor together for my signature style.

Has anyone else thought about your adjectives and what you want to communicate with your clothing?  Here are some pieces below to help you out!


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