Would You Wear It 2018 – Part 2

Welcome to the second outfit of the year for Would You Wear It?  We began 2018 with a lively discussion last week, where some of you loved the look and wanted to know where to find it and some of you hated it and wanted it to go away.

Please remember to tell us why you would or would not wear the looks above.  Both are from the same collection.  So, ladies….




  1. Nope. This style hemline always seems raggy & unfinished to me. The pattern on the clothing doesn’t appeal to me either although I do like the autumnal colors.

  2. It’s a cute outfit and I have friends that would look stunning in it but the print and design would be overwhelming for my short height and low contrast coloring.

  3. This outfit suits my 1984 figure to a T! Today, not so much. I won’t moan over the extra weight or inability to wear a certain style, just bless it and send it on it’s way. And find something a bit more suitable to my today-figure

  4. I think you would have to be tall, quite slim and have dark hair to look good in this. Otherwise it would wear you. Since I am not tall, etc. I wouldn’t wear it.

  5. I might wear the red blouse with denim or white capris because it’s trendy and youthful and the motif is interesting, but subtle. However, each outfit looks more like a costume. Where I live (Oklahoma) people would think I was going to perform at the Red Earth Festival.

  6. Oh my! I see this outfit in a very tall, slim, retired, brunette in the sunny coastal south or southwest. Since I am only 5’2, it would completely overwhelm me. I also have a personal bias against those hemlines. They belong on witches.

  7. Nope – not a fan of anything “sharkbite”. When I’ve seen this hemline on others (whether young or not-to-young) it just looks sloppy and ill-fitting. I just look at it and wonder what is going on … what is it supposed to be?

  8. No. I am in the same boat with the other commenters—too short to pull it off. I agree that the red top might look good with slim fitting pants.

  9. Would not wear it. I personally don’t care for the print, and I HATE that hemline. I’m sure it would look wonderful on the person who loved it, but that isn’t me.

  10. No, print is too busy. They eye doesn’t know where to go. Not a fan of uneven hems. I keep my clothes for a long time and this would fit that bill.

  11. I wouldn’t wear it primarily because of the gathered neckline. I never buy anything that is smocked or gathered that adds inches and draws attention to my bust. My other issue is it is too memorable and would not work with other things in my wardrobe. I prefer solid neutrals with an occasional pop of color (like a scarf or cami)

  12. This is an ‘one time’ outfit. Wear it twice and the fashion police would say: “there she goes again in that get-up”!

  13. No, I would not wear this outfit. I like the handkerchief hem but it does nothing on me. I might wear the red top but it would depend on the shade of red.

  14. I’d consider wearing the hi-low hem dress for a Mexican-themed BBQ, perhaps. I wouldn’t purchase either number, though because, as a practical matter, the occasions where these outfits would be appropriate to wear are highly limited.

    1. I had to laugh at the “Mexican themed BBQ”…not something we do in Texas! Thanks so much for the comment!!

  15. I could not wear this because I’m too short and that hemline looks like I got it caught under my office chair. I can’t really see anyone wearing this…as someone else said it’s a costume not clothes.

  16. I think I’m outnumbered here, but I love the skirt — the color and pattern really appeals to me. But the top is too bright (for me). I’d pair the skirt with something more subdued or plain and accessorize with a simple, yet striking necklace.

    1. Thanks for having the courage to speak out and go against the crowd, Beth. Thanks what style is about…

  17. No, I wouldn’t wear this. I don’t care for the shirt at all. As for the skirt, it’s too trendy. I don’t care for shark bite hems or the pattern. I would have no shoes to go with the outfit nor any place to wear it!

  18. Oh no! Much too “over the top” for me who likes to blend in the crowd and go unnoticed (I know it’s a problem w/in me). And I typically don’t wear red. This outfit is too ethnic trendy and way out of my comfort zone!

  19. I would not wear it. I prefer a more tailored look. I am 5ft 2in tall and I think this would make me look shorter and wider. Don’t need any help in that department. The top is cute but appears to be more of an orange red and I don’t wear that color well.I see this on someone tall and thin.

  20. No! The hemline with the top is too raggedy. I would wear the top, especially the red one. This outfit looks like it’s trying too hard to be hippy dippy.

  21. Sure, I would buy it. But, because of my personal scale I always have to get clothes that I buy altered to fit. So, to make this outfit fit me, I would eliminate the border print at the hem of the skirt and modify the hemline to a less dramatic handkerchief line. The skirt would then shift from a strong visual horizontal line to a visual vertical line. The darker color on top, lighter color on the bottom would visually balance my abundantly-blessed bustline, while still hiding my c-section tummy. The overall bright, festive tone of the outfit would grab my students’ attention. This revised outfit would be perfect for school spirit days; I feel more comfortable wearing “real clothes” on spirit days rather than the obviously costume ensembles so many of my middle school colleagues wear. What’s even better for my teacher salary finances, this outfit is going to end up on the super clearance rack, as most people aren’t going to be willing to put in the work to make it wearable in public?

  22. It looks messy to me. There are many eccentric people who could pull this off. Personally—it not for me! Don’t like the colors, style, hemline and color.

  23. Nope! I’m tall and slim, but I can’t imagine wearing these. There’s just way too much going on. Though I’m not particularly fond of the off-shoulder look, I could probably handle either one of the tops worn with jeans or a simple dark skirt, but those skirts, oh my! They are really quite ridiculous looking!

  24. I agree with another comment that it looks sloppy and unkempt. Not for anyone under 5’8″ or so, I’d say. Looks too loose fitting and frumpy. No style but nice fabric.

  25. I don’t see myself in these outfits. The red top could go w jeans, but I really don’t think I’d invest any dollars in it. I also think I may wear the top once or twice, but it wouldn’t be a regular so it wouldn’t be a smart purchase. Also, I don’t think I’d feel comfortable wearing these outfits.

  26. This week’s “Would I wear it” Outfit elicited some very amusing comments from participants. Here is what I learned: the skirt’s hemline is dubbed “shark bite.”

    Personal observation: The skirt rises quite high in front–at about mid-thigh level;maybe rises to the same level in back. The hemline draws the eye downward to–what is often–a body feature(s) that is/are not so appealing.

    The clothing ideal is to accent the positive.

    While I am quite slim and weight/height proportionate, I am also not too tall- 5 feet 3 inches. I would never, ever spend my hard-earned cash on these items.

    The red top is okay; I would, however, not buy it either.

    These “Would I wear it exercises” are great fun.

    Pat Morgan

  27. Would never wear this! For me, it is over the top bright, too much pattern, don’t like the cut, it feels much too busy. I’d feel conspicuous, and it doesn’t send the right message for me. Lots like a costume. Sorry, this comment is really negative!

    1. It’s ok, Karen…I think it helps everyone to read why we feel the way we do about something! Thanks so much…

  28. No. The prints are too memorable. It wouldn’t work well with anything else in my closet. The neckline and sleeves are all wrong for my body type.

  29. I would not wear this outfit. I am not a fan of the high-low hem or the off the shoulder top. I don’t like the shoes either. The only thing I find remotely appealing is the color of the top.

  30. Oh dear me . . . where to start? I would not wear this outfit for so many reasons. First of all, not my style at all – too blousy and costume like. Peasant blouses are not suited to my body type ~ tall, busty and fluffy middle. I find tailored, classic styles better suit me. I do not like the high-low hemlines ~ I’m not Stevie Nicks! This outfit is definitely a no-go for me.

  31. I would wear the shirt: I love red, and it looks like it would go with many things in my wardrobe. (To somebody else’s earlier point, I do have dark hair.) The skirt is too light of a color for me, as I try to keep darker colors on the bottom half. I’m also concerned that the print looks like it could be construed as inappropriate cultural appropriation. As for the hemline, I’ve never worn this type of hemline, but I’ve never tried it on, either. Maybe I should, in the spirit of “don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.”

    1. Great comment, Joanna…I do encourage my readers to try things on first…especially if you have doubts as to weather it would look good or not. Sometimes we know enough not to try them on! Thanks for stopping by!

  32. I’d wear the one with the red top – but the other one wouldn’t work on me, I’d feel – well, comfortable, likely with the fit, but uncomfortable w. the monotone coloring and my height!

  33. I wouldn’t wear it, maybe just the red top. I find the sharktail hemline not attractive on my more curvaceous hips. I might wear the tops but definitely not the bottoms.

  34. I would never wear either of these outfits as they would swamp my petite frame and I don’t find the patterned fabric at all attractive.
    I must say I feel for whoever designed these outfits as they have received such negative comments.

  35. Awful. The hemline is too trendy and will be dated soon. And the red top makes it look dowdy. Pattern is too busy – would emphasize everything I don’t want emphasized. I like classic looks that I can wear several seasons.

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