A couple of days ago, we discussed dressing to look younger and some words about age acceptance. This is the first year of my life, I have looked in the mirror and been aware of the aging process advancing rapidly.

Other than the fact age happens no matter what, I also believe I see the signs of stress on my face. While my busy life is fun, it is also quite stressful and the job as a magazine editor delivers more stress than I knew it would at first.   So, here is my current plan:

  1. To make quarterly facials a priority….yes, for my complexion’s appearance, but also for the relaxation part. I find it to be very relaxing. I have not done this is awhile, but that is going to change.
  2. Use good products and if something is not working as I like…find what does. There are so many great products…some I have mentioned below…and I make sure I use what works best within my budget.
  3. Take time at home for facial massage and regular exfoliation to keep things bright.
  4. Of course, eat healthy, exercise and get some sleep. I have been doing well in all of these areas BUT sleep. When I do not sleep well…I see it on my face…particularly in my eyes.
  5. Finally, try not to be too hard on myself….some of what I am seeing is normal aging and happens no matter what. I do not want to do injections, so I need to choose to have a plan like this one rather than a quick fix.

But, a reader asked yesterday if I would do a post on skincare…so I have decided to contact my favorite esthetician and do a thorough post with recommended products and ideas…Anyone want to add to this list above or share success you have had? Would love to hear it?


Rodial Neck Mask

Necollete Age Reversal for Neck and Chest




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