This blog began in 2010 and was a result of lessons I learned when I made the decision to step out of the dark and take back my life. I had let it go and allowed criticisms of people around me to permeate my being and shut me down. But, I turned things around and learned a lot.   The blog became a way I could encourage other women walking through the same darkness to come on out and begin again. I have never claimed to be a fashionista, fashion-model– blogger…there are plenty out there if that is what you want.   I am here to encourage, inspire and educate.You guys are overall the best audience and I love you.   But, I want you to know I still struggle with criticisms. Lately, I have been told face-to-face my eye shadow is too dark….I was sent an email about how aging my hair color and style are….I was told on Sunday my outfit was matronly and the reader respected my courage to put my “body” out there….(that is code for being courageous to show off my plus size figure)….and it becomes a little harder each time to not retreat back to the dark. I am a very strong person since my reinvention, but I am human. There are days I feel ugly…days I feel fat…and days I feel old. On those days it is more difficult not to internalize the criticisms.  I am certain we all have those days.

But, as I sat and pondered all of this on Sunday, I realized there is more than likely someone reading who is where I was at age 50.   There are women who are so frozen from beating themselves up and from listening to the harsh words of others they cannot enjoy life.   And, as I have said before, life is too short and we need to stop and enjoy each moment as the gift it is.

So, I am choosing once again to go forward and enjoy those times. I love my purple eye shadow, I love my hair for right now (my stylist and I have discussed changes for the last year), and I really like the outfit I wore last Sunday and believe it reflects the creative adjective I have worked to portray from the beginning.  I know I need to lose weight and I am working on it….it has been a struggle most of my life.

But most importantly, I am having a great time in my sixties…loving friends and family and feeling good about me. If you cannot say, you feel good about you, then I hope you will sign up for the emails and read the little document I wrote about the beginning of my journey. Don’t stay in the dark…come on out and enjoy the fun.  Also, you may know someone over 50 struggling with self acceptance…please invite them to join us.

I want to thank those who gave “constructive criticisms” for reminding me about why I am here and who I am here for.


I am wearing a pair of my Eileen FIsher pants …which I love and own in four colors.  Macys has a few on sale and some not, but available in petite and plus size.  You might check them out below.

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