Welcome to the second news for women of a certain age where I curate a few fun headlines just for us!  Thanks for your feedback last week, and please feel free to comment on anything you read here! I overcame my fear of the gym just five years ago, but for those of you who may still be on the fence.  You might enjoy this read from the publication I am editor of …read Fear of the Gym?

Have you heard?  Central Perk from the show Friends might actually become a chain of coffee shops.  Read about it HERE.

This beautiful Texas lady above is turning 68 and now a star of Hallmark movies.  Read about Morgan Fairchild here.

For those who love J Crew and Madewell, you may be very excited to read their good news announced recently HERE.

Photo from The Denver Post


Finally, my good friend, Jennifer Connolly, showed me this video of Lynn Slater which was released recently…tons of fun. From professor to fashion icon…  WATCH IT HERE.



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