I speak often of using adjectives to describe my style.  Not only do my adjectives describe what I want my clothing to say about me, they also describe ME.  I believe I am strong, intelligent, approachable, current and creative.  These are things i want to communicate about my personality…so I try to select clothing which says the same thing.  I am not selecting adjectives which contradict who I am.


I suppose it is possible to use your style to change something about yourself.  I met a woman who has a large personality and she says she is trying to wear softer, more neutral outfits to tone it down.  Perhaps a more introverted personality could change wearing clothing an extrovert would wear.  But, I prefer to keep the adjectives closer to who I really am. Now, when I wear outfits which I feel are uniquely me then I walk in confidence.  I select the strong neutrals to communicate the strong and savvy message….but the colors, prints and accessories to communicate my creativity.  The choice of current styles keep me youthful and approachable.



Overall, I want to be confident…and own the room with my confidence and smile.   Even though it is now cold again.  When I went to work yesterday morning, we had the air conditioner on and it was humid and hot.  By noon, I was freezing from a forty degree drop!  So it is very much still winter in South Texas!  At least I can still wear my faux leather leggings!

What about you?  Have you ever worn clothing which you hoped said something different about your personaltiy?  Do you think there can be something good about doing that?  Please share and then……………………….



The outfit is all older pieces:

Turtleneck Tunic and Faux Leather Leggings  Soft Surroundings

Knit Topper  Eileen Fisher

Necklace Chicos

Leather Flats are Lucky Brand from Macys






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