I have been encouraging some of your to step out of your box, your comfort zone, and try on some new styles and designs.  I did this recently and walked away with this graphic tunic top by LIOR PARIS, purchased at my favorite local boutique.

So what do I love about it?  The graphic print, the color scheme, the fit, the modern design with the keyhole (it was actually this feature most out of my box), and how easy it will be for warmer weather looks. One of my goals this year was to add more tops which look good without a jacket or topper for work, and to be bolder with prints.   It goes perfect with this Soft Surroundings bracelet, which has been in my jewelry collection for a couple of years.I also like it with my Sam Edleman Flats….When I have success going out of my comfort zone, I am encouraged to try again and it makes my wardrobe more fun.

How about you…have you gone out of your comfort zone with shopping lately?  What are you trying that is different?

Let us know and…..


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