Fashion Over 50: Looking Our Youthful Best

When we all picked our adjectives recently (on this post), I noticed no one selected “youthful” or “younger” as one of their three adjectives.   I actually think that is a good thing. When I am confident with what I wear, and feel stylish or current with my selections, then ultimately I feel younger anyway. It is more important to me to feel my best…which for me means I am feeling younger than the number on my birth certificate. However, when I sometimes dress with the goal to look younger, I can actually look older…if you know what I mean. It is ok to leave certain types of clothing in our youthful past and not try to force them into our more mature present. I hope you know what I mean. I do not want to offend anyone. I just know if we strive to look 25, we often end up looking older than we are.

I feel good in this outfit. It is designed in my favorite colors, fits well, and just makes me feel a little sassy when I wear it. The tunic came from a favorite local boutique, however, tunics like this can be found in many places. Be careful with tunics, sometimes they are really big and boxy. I find that with several brands I can even go down a size in a tunic. I chose the copper flats because there is a hint of copper in the print, and I have so many accessories which will work with this, but today I liked the lighter touch.

February is when San Antonio begins psychotic weather…one day it is freezing, the next day sweltering. Two days last week, we were in the 80s and sunny…only to be followed by the 40s and cloudy. A look like this is great for the more spring-like days we experience.  I know many of you are frozen, so maybe looks like this will give you some hope of spring to come.

How do you feel about dressing to look younger? Do you ever think about it when you select what to wear?


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  1. I don’t dress to look younger (I’m 59 & 5’8″ tall) although much of what I wear is what younger people wear because I like & wear a more fitted look. Princess seams are my go to style as I have a hourglass shape. I wear skinny jeans, boot cut or slim straight cut. I don’t wear yoga pants or leggings other than for PJ’s. I’ve been wearing casual flats because of pherefiral nerapathy in my feet gone are the heels. I don’t work so seldom get dressy when I do they aren’t the 4 in heels of a few yrs ago but much much lower. Yes I miss my heels.
    I also sew many of my tops slacks & dresses. This year I’m making jeans to get a perfect mid rise waist band, back pocket placement & design.
    You look great in today’s outfit. The colors & style work
    well .

  2. Like the outfit. I’m 5’6″ and long-waisted, so I find the longer tunics look less “boxy” on me and more slimming. When my 30-something daughters say, “You look great, mom” at first glance, I know I nailed it. Those tall, slender bodies they have look great in leggings and any top, but I am well aware of my limits.

  3. I buy a smaller size in knit tunics too. Woven ones still need to fit through the shoulders and armholes so I typically buy my regular size then shorten the hem. I never choose garments to look younger.

  4. I love your look. I too live in one of those “spring one day, winter the next” climates. I strive to dress appropriately, not younger. If I see a trend that will work for me, then I might adopt it, but because I like it and it fits my style, not to attempt to look younger. I like leggings and jeans, and they are perfectly appropriate around my small town, but when I go to the bigger towns, I try to dress with some thought. I want people to think that I look put together and appropriate, not that I am trying to capture my youth or that I am trying too hard. I just signed up for one of those services that sends a box of clothes every month for me to try, so I am hoping to break out of my Chicos look and try some new things.

  5. Let us know how it goes, Elsie! I am really curious to know if you like that…and thanks for sharing.

  6. I am going to be a dissenting voice. When I look at the picture, all I see is the tunic, not you. Your face gets completely lost in the large pattern. The way the pattern is printed diagonally widens you.
    You have a warm complexion and look absolutely terrific in your rusts and bronzes and browns. This is too cool- there is too much stark white and grey and that green is such a funny shade it clashes against your warmth. Look at your hair, then look at the tunic. Something is off, both in color and scale of print. Thank you for reading a contrarian opinion.

  7. Love your shoes. Where did you find them?

    Trying to look younger is a waste of time and does not work. However, looking well put together and comfortable is always a winner

  8. These are Cole Hahn Flats I found on sale at Dillards a few years ago…I love them. They are great. Thanks Jill…

  9. When a blogger puts herself out there, of course, there are going to be different opinions. The post is not really about my outfit. However, I really like the tunic…love this shade of green (it is one of my favorites) and I will continue to wear it. But, thanks for reading and I would love to have you comment on the topic.

  10. I don’t dress to look younger, but rather to maintain a youthful spirit. I want to reflect that I’m still energetic, curious and interested in what’s going on in the world. I am grateful to be over 60 right now, when there are more and more great fashion and beauty options that don’t force us to chase youth or to give up and dress “old.” I love your blog and have learned so much from your journey. Thank you!

  11. I love your comment, Deborah. Maintaining a youthful spirit is really what I am all about. Thank you for your observation and for the kind words.

  12. I have been a lurker for years, and have just recently begun to contribute to the discussions. I admire your courage in sharing your body with us, writing skills, and growth in your career. I absolutely agree we should wear what we like, but one of your goals is to project a specific image. Hearing constructive criticism (and my comments were meant as such) helps us see ourselves as others see us and aid in confirming our choices. I see this top’s large pattern as ‘matronly’ and clashing with your hair and skin complexion. Ending positively and with admiration, the majority of your outfits are very flattering and project your adjectives well.

  13. This post reminds me of going shopping with my mother, who was always well dressed. I vividly remember one occasion when we walked into a shop aimed at mature women. She looked around, said, “All those clothes are designed for old ladies,” and walked out. She was 90 at the time! Mom knew her style and always looked beautifully put together, and, incidentally, far younger than her age.
    Thanks for another thought-provoking post, Pamela. I learn so much from you — and, by the way, I think you look lovely in the outfit above. I especially like the necklace; you have such unique jewelry.

  14. Love the necklace. It’s not a style I wear, but the materials keep it from being too much to my eye. I love olive and sage greens so the pants speak to me as well. At 59i worry about dressing too young. But I don’t want to lose all whimsy even when I’m in a power suit.

  15. I think many working women feel the same way you do, Paula. That is why I love my accessories so much. Thanks for being here.

  16. I too really like your tunic. The color is great and such a bold print looks good because it is abstract and diffused. It also seems seasonless and spans the line between dressy and casual. That said, I don’t think you need to have your specific outfits critiqued, even if you are a fashion blogger. My issue with the topic today is the presumption that looking stylish equates in some way to youthfulness. It doesn’t, in my opinion. Stylish means being tasteful, personally expressive, appropriate for the occasion, and self confident enough to add a genuine smile.

  17. I definitely don’t dress to look younger but I like to show that I am slim,well-groomed and care about my appearance.Style never goes out of date.
    I love the green tones in your tunic and the how the necklace compliments your hair and skin.

    PS I have read about your journey to arrive at where you are now and I admire your honesty and how you put yourself out there.

  18. When I was doing the three adjectives, for one of my words, I started with young and then youthful, then switched to fun and then to current. I want to look and feel young. I tend to feel younger than my age and I have been told I look younger than my age. I don’t think that means dressing like a teenager. For me it means embracing youthful looks as appropriate and staying current. I don’t want to look or act like the old person in the office. I work with lots of younger people. Now, there are things I won’t wear, but there are many styles I’ll try at least once. I like color and use lots of color in my clothing choices.

    I love the outfit you are wearing. I like the color and the fun in the outfit.

  19. I don’t dress to look younger, I just want to look like I care about my appearance. I try to dress to dress in clothes that fit and make me feel good. Great outfit, I love the tunic.

  20. Good comment, Cynthia. I have worked with young people for years and I also do not want to look “older”….I think current is a good word for the desire to still be in the game. I also think this tunic is fun!

  21. I read it differently Jo. Your “constructive criticism” is your opinion.
    Nowhere in Pam’s post did I read her asking for a critique of her outfit or for opinions on what she chose to wear.
    My opinion is that this tunic is a mix of warm and cool tones. The abstract pattern is modern and highly creative. The rectangles seen within the pattern are duplicated in her choice of necklace and eyewear frames. This is highly complimentary to the shape of her smile, which makes her face come to life.
    The relative anonymity of blogging comments leads many to feel free, even untitled to critique and offer opinions that are unnecessary.
    When we want to debate our choices we make that known.

  22. There is so much to like about your outfit, Pam!! Well done! As I near the age of 60 and realize I don’t have the figure I did at 40, I am conscious of avoiding a matronly look. I want to show that I care about my appearance and that I can be attractive at any age.

  23. I struggle with what to wear. My house is fab, my outfits not so much. I am short and plus size. I wear tunics and I have been critiqued by strangers that my outfit makes me look fat. Well, I am fat. 🙂 Sigh

  24. Marilynn,
    Your comment breaks my heart and just so you know I understand how you feel …make sure you read my post tomorrow. But, would you also email me at I would love to help you feel better about yourself. While I am not sure, I do understand the struggles of plus size. I hope to we can speak further…email me.

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