When we all picked our adjectives recently (on this post), I noticed no one selected “youthful” or “younger” as one of their three adjectives.   I actually think that is a good thing. When I am confident with what I wear, and feel stylish or current with my selections, then ultimately I feel younger anyway. It is more important to me to feel my best…which for me means I am feeling younger than the number on my birth certificate. However, when I sometimes dress with the goal to look younger, I can actually look older…if you know what I mean. It is ok to leave certain types of clothing in our youthful past and not try to force them into our more mature present. I hope you know what I mean. I do not want to offend anyone. I just know if we strive to look 25, we often end up looking older than we are.

I feel good in this outfit. It is designed in my favorite colors, fits well, and just makes me feel a little sassy when I wear it. The tunic came from a favorite local boutique, however, tunics like this can be found in many places. Be careful with tunics, sometimes they are really big and boxy. I find that with several brands I can even go down a size in a tunic. I chose the copper flats because there is a hint of copper in the print, and I have so many accessories which will work with this, but today I liked the lighter touch.

February is when San Antonio begins psychotic weather…one day it is freezing, the next day sweltering. Two days last week, we were in the 80s and sunny…only to be followed by the 40s and cloudy. A look like this is great for the more spring-like days we experience.  I know many of you are frozen, so maybe looks like this will give you some hope of spring to come.

How do you feel about dressing to look younger? Do you ever think about it when you select what to wear?


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