February is a fun time for a style tip or two.  It is the month when, no matter how low the temperatures are, stores begin to show their early lines for warmer weather.  So, my tip is to get out and see what is new in your favorite places; try them on; step out of your box a bit, and begin to have fun with clothing you will wear throughout spring and summer.

Before I comment on this look…it was a windy, humid morning and my photographer (my husband) was not going to wait long to get pics, so…it is definitely a bad hair day.  But, you also might think this outfit is not really out of Pam’s wheelhouse.  If you have been a reader from the beginning of this blog, you know I am not that much of a fan of frilly, feminine, lace clothing.  However, I was out and about recently and stopped by my favorite Chico’s.  This outfit on the mannequin caught my attention.

When I walked up closer to the blouse, I saw this lovely sleeve on it.  That day, the beautiful feminine details spoke to me.  So, I tried it on.

That was when I knew, it would be a great addition to my wardrobe…for work and for casual wear.  I did not own a white blouse that looked anything like this…for me, it was out of my box and I am so glad I tried it on.

Go by your favorite place, and pick out 3-4 items which are different from what you usually try…then go see what you think in the mirror.  Remember, before you buy, the clothing should send the messages you desire to send about you with your clothes, and they should fit well.  Take time in the mirror and ask yourself about the look…that way there are less chances you will need to return it.  Be careful about buying just because it is different, the garment still should be you and say what you want to say.  Do not allow anyone to make you feel rushed.  Shopping really should take time and rushing the process often leads to either wasted money or wasted time to return something.

Has anyone else recently bought something which was a new direction and a step out of your normal comfort zone?  Please share your experience and tell us how it went.

Saturday is Would You Wear It?? And soon I will introduce you to a new brand which is lots of fun!

Happy February and…….



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