More From the Over 50 Models

I was asked to bring you more from the over 50 models in two fashion shows I attended last week.  The first post was HERE, and now I bring you more from the styling talents of San Antonio boutique ower, Barbara Lozano.  If you have questions about the clothing or even want to see if you can purchase from Barbara and have items shipped, then please message her on the ANDIE & BARBARA FACEBOOK PAGE…and tell her I sent you over.  Here are more from our over fifty models…

Inspirational women….beautiful clothes…how much fun is this!

And remember to join me Tuesday when I join the Skin Whisperer for a Facebook Live Program.  Find us at 6PM (CST) HERE….


  1. I enjoyed this post as much as the last one! So much fun to see the fashions and how well these women wear them. The accessories they are wearing are so creative and interesting also. That orange, drapey top is my favorite here! So vibrant and would go with so many things! I’m glad you did another post like this, it’s inspiring to me and makes me want to go out and try some new things and keep having fun with fashion!

  2. Thanks, Pamela, for these posts. These women are vibrant, amazing and real; they are such an inspiration and they do look as if they’re having the time of their lives!

    1. It made me want to join in..they were having so much fun. But I stayed behind the camera. They are very inspirational!

  3. Love this post styles, colors and structures of the clothing are MARVELOUS! One question that has been on my mind for a little while now is what width of pant leg will be in style for SPRING? I know I am a senior and I can wear whatever makes me feel happy however I still want to fit in a little BIT!

    1. I here you, Elaine! I still see that almost any length and width goes; however, the slimmer ankle pant is everywhere and as the weather warms for those who like a capri, the slimmer, tighter capri is what will be on trend. I hope that helps.

    1. I am not sure I understand your question, Ruth. Do you mind explaining…this is a fashion event where they are modeling many different outfits.

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