Fashion Over 50: Stepping Out of Your Box

I have been encouraging some of your to step out of your box, your comfort zone, and try on some new styles and designs.  I did this recently and walked away with this graphic tunic top by LIOR PARIS, purchased at my favorite local boutique.

So what do I love about it?  The graphic print, the color scheme, the fit, the modern design with the keyhole (it was actually this feature most out of my box), and how easy it will be for warmer weather looks. One of my goals this year was to add more tops which look good without a jacket or topper for work, and to be bolder with prints.   It goes perfect with this Soft Surroundings bracelet, which has been in my jewelry collection for a couple of years.I also like it with my Sam Edleman Flats….When I have success going out of my comfort zone, I am encouraged to try again and it makes my wardrobe more fun.

How about you…have you gone out of your comfort zone with shopping lately?  What are you trying that is different?

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  1. What a pretty look — love the way you have styled this! I recently started wearing faux leather leggings, and love the look with various tunics. One of my friends told me I really “rock the look,” which gave me confidence to step out of my box 🙂

    1. Isn’t it great what encouragement can do for us. Kudos to your friend, Cynthia for doing that for you. I love my faux leather leggings and always miss them when the weather warms up.

  2. Well done indeed Pam! This looks terrific on you and sets a great example for the rest of us. Thank you once again for having some courage 😉 and for sharing the beautiful results with us!

    1. I almost did not get it because of the keyhole, Julie. Surprisingly, that is the most “out-of-my-box” feature on this top. But, I am glad I decided to take the risk. Thanks so much.

  3. Such a great graphic print, and I love the ‘keyhole’ neckline. That would be out of my comfort zone too, but seeing it here I would definitely do it! I have started to add more color. I have always been drawn to neutrals when shopping, but lately have been trying some brighter, clear colors and found that it makes me feel confident and happy to wear them. It used to be that I wanted to blend in more, not be so ‘out there’ (being a true introvert), but it did something to my general outlook when I added some brights to my wardrobe. And leather leggings – way out of my comfort zone but I feel so good when I wear them!!

    1. So glad to hear you are stepping out in this way, Karen. I am going to be writing more about bold steps very soon. Good for you trying more color…it is fun.

  4. I really like the snazzy bracelet and that good looking top! Looks very nice on you! Not at all anything to feel “uncomfortable” wearing. You look gorgeous! I’m crushing on that handbag too, with the long tassels. This is a nice outfit, Pam, and I plan to try my version of it (and get out of my “conservative” comfort zone”).

    1. You go, Betty. Have fun with it and I hope you find something that really makes you feel strong and confident. I do like this look and will wear it often. Thanks so much.

  5. This is a great top. I’m hard to fit so if I find something I like the fit on, I buy a lot of that style. Maybe I need to branch out a little. I like the band above the keyhole in this top since it is wider than most I’ve seen. I’ve ignored keyhole tops thinking they were for my daughters but this makes we want to give them a second look. Fun outfit.

    1. I usually do not even try something like this, but was encouraged to do so and I am so glad I did. I also was encouraged to go down a size when I tried this on and much to my surprise, it worked!! Yeah! Sometimes it makes sense to take more than one size into the dressing room and see which fits the best.

  6. It’s so great how you provide us with great examples of how to move out of our comfort zones. That top is perfect for you, Pam! I’ve tried tunic tops this year — not something I thought would work for me because I have shorter legs. I have to experiment, but overall it has been a fun new look for me.

    1. Length and volume is so important with tunics…sometimes we have to try on different sizes to get the best option. Glad you have found some that work for you, Beth!

  7. I like the tunic and the bracelet. What a match. I like your plan to look professional and polished without a topper/jacket. As much as I love the third piece, they are so hot in Florida.

    1. I love the third piece as well…but I got so hot last year that my goal is to find more looks with just two pieces. I thought the top and bracelet were kind of made for each other! Thanks!

  8. Hi Pamela, I love the tunic-it really suits you. It must be comfortable to wear, too. The whole outfit is a good look on you. Your hair is very pretty. I think you would also suit it in a shoulder-length bob. Just my opinion as your current style is flattering too.

  9. Pamela I love this tunic, I would have hesitated too because of the keyhole but it looks fantastic! And the purse is a perfect accent, along with the beautiful bracelet. It looks very pulled together and fun. And I love your hair. I do not believe that women should wear their hair shorter simply because of their age. That’s a silly notion left over from decades past. I look awful in short hair and have chosen to keep mine fairly long as well. Mine has thinned a little so I have to wear a more simple hairstyle but I feel good and believe that I look good in this style. Your hair looks thick and healthy and beautiful and it suits your face perfectly. Very pretty.

  10. What a great outfit. I love graphic prints, especially since I am not much of a floral print person. I think you raise a good point – you don’t have to leap out of your comfort zone to try something new. Just something like a keyhole neckline or a graphic print can help you break out a bit. Once you try one new thing, it gives us confidence to try another new thing.
    Love the bracelet too.

  11. Love the top and how it looks on you. And, your hair is gorgeous. Ever consider doing a video on your hair and how you style it-heat rollers? curling iron? Hair products?
    Your posts just keep getting better and better- always look forward to each one. Thanks.

  12. Out of my comfort zone but working for me: metallic flats, brown accessories with black, and navy and black worn together. I’m trying to find the courage to wear white jeans as a plus size woman, can’t get there yet :). I’m trying them on in the store, though, so maybe progress is being made,

  13. That tunic was a great choice. I need to investigate tunics, but as someone else mentioned, I have short legs & length is somewhat problematic. I also have a plus size chest, & most plus size items are also long.

    1. That is where it is good to have a tailor. I sometimes use the one our dry cleaners offers, but there are very affordable tailors in our town and it is worth it to get the fit of the garment you want. You might think about it Becky. Also, try tunics at stores which are “petite” friendly rather than go to the ones which might not be. Thanks so much for stopping by

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