Happy President’s Day!  It is time for a few news stories which may be of interest to those of us women of a certain age.  Perhaps some of these did not hit your radar…so I hope this helps.  Please feel free to comment on any of the selections.

This was an interesting article about using non-stick cookware…made me want to pull out the cast iron skillet.  Read about the concern for weight gain here.

Every hopeful news story about dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease catches my attention since it runs in my family.  I hope THIS STORY brings hope to some of you as well.

The fabulous, talented, chic, and classy fashion designer, Carolina Herrera, retired during Fashion Week, and passed the torch of her company to Wes Gordon.  Hopefully, he will keep it just as classy.  Read THE STORY HEREFinally, like my good friend, Jennifer Connolly (A Well Styled Life) many of us are hitting the retirement road in trailers.  Read about this transition in the magazine I edit, San Antonio Woman Magazine HERE.

Hope you found this interesting!  And I hope you can join me on Facebook Live Tuesday evening!  What is not new, is how much I love Rockport Shoes…you can find some of their fun new styles in the slideshow below….


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