Tips to #LiveSoft With Your Current Style

I know it is still winter where most of you are (hello to everyone in Ohio!) however you can begin to soften your style up a bit and ever so gently make a move toward spring.  One of the best brands to #livesoft with is Soft Surroundings.This beautiful kimono will see me throughout the year.  I can pair it with a heavy sweater, or a long sleeve knit (like I did here), or go with a sleeveless tank as I will this summer.  Also, as the weather warms I will add a touch of color underneath or a creamy white.   It is a softer look than the heavy jackets I have been wearing since November.  Also, I softened this look with metallic ballet flats over the black shoes I wear so often…especially in the colder weather months.  Once again, I cannot write enough good things about the Denim Metro Leggings…the fit and comfort is amazing.  These are the black ones and I have a cropped version of the black and blue for warmer weather.  I highly recommend the Metro Leggings.

No matter how cold it is in your part of the world, you can always make a softer style like this work by selecting different garments underneath and pants are good any time of year.  I have some of these selections below.  I am wearing the first one called the Serenade Topper.  It is sheer and beautiful.

Are any of you wearing kimonos now for a softer look than jackets?  Please share…and …





Disclaimer:  I was given these garments from Soft Surroundings for this post, but the words are my own.

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  1. You know Pam, when you mentioned transitioning to spring this week, I went to the closet to see how I could make some changes and still be warm! This post today follows that theme. There ARE some things we can do, like you point out here. Layering goes a long way, and so does pattern for lightening up! And I also thought when looking for subtle changes, what’s wrong showing that you’ve kind of had it with winter! I’m trying a few things out this week thanks to your inspiration. Your kimono is beautiful! !

  2. I am so glad this helps you to get out of the winter doldrums…and gently, softly move toward a new season. Thanks for sharing this Karen.

  3. This outfit is GORGEOUS & so YOU!
    Colorful, vibrant,
    & so cool. Like a beautiful evening sky these purple’s are definitely your colors.

  4. Wow…thanks so much Becca. My husband also loves it…which is big to for us to agree on style!!

  5. I’ve been seeing a lot of them and plan to try it out. A new type of item for me but I’m all about trying new looks if age appropriate.

  6. It’s fun to try new things…go shopping and have fun trying on garments outside of your box! Sometimes we find a new look which surprises us.

  7. Love your outfit. I love kimono jackets and have a few. I have never bought from Soft Surroundings, but it looks like I am going to have to check them out. I love the fact that they offer the metro leggings in petite womens. Yesterday, I bought a cute drapey jacket in petunia (light purple) from Chicos, and a reversible tank to wear with it. It’s supposed to be 80 degrees here this coming week, so I think I need to start sorting out my lighter clothes.

  8. I ususally do that in March, Elsie. I use to always do it during spring break when I was a teacher. Now it is more difficult, but I am so ready to organize my closet I might have to do it before then this year. If you are near a Soft Surroundings location, stop in and try on some items to see what you think. The stores also have sale areas. Thanks for being here.

  9. Pamela I dearly love the kimono you are wearing. The colors are beautiful and it looks floaty and light and complements you perfectly. I do have a kimono but haven’t worn it yet, Wyoming weather is still blistering cold. I can’t wait for spring to try out some new looks such as this!

  10. No spring yetin Wisconsin; preparing for another winter storm due early in week. A minimum of at least six weeks to go; pure wool sweaters still my “go to” choice for comfort and warmth.

    For sure your violet/purple eye makeup preference definitely works with this kimono!


  11. I have a couple of kimonos I found at Chicos years ago. They work well over long sleeves when it’s cold and tanks when it’s warm. They always look delightfully dressy!

  12. You look so lovely in your kimono and I bet you feel cheery when wearing it.Very unsure about kimonos on me,unless they had shoulder pads!!! I think they would overwhelm my body but if I see any I will give them a try…..nothing ventured nothing gained.

  13. Look for some in small, Julie…they are made to have valume and you maybe could wear one for young adults. Just try one on and see what you think.

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