I found so many interesting news items this week it was hard to decide which were the best, so I hope you enjoy this News for Women of A Certain Age…and please feel free to comment any of these items.  Happy Monday!!

Harvard has discovered the number one most important thing to have in life in order to be HAPPY.  READ ABOUT IT HERE.

I don’t know if I would try this new beauty technique…what about you?  READ ABOUT IT HERE.

With the flu so dangerous this year, I thought this article about how to stay healthy while traveling might be of interest.  FiND IT HERE.

I so admire the business sense of Joanna Gaines and all she has done for Waco, Texas.  Here is her advice to the younger generation.  READ ABOUT IT IN A NEW ARTICLE HERE.


Finally, I was most touched by the article last week with an update on what has been going on with stylist Stacy London.  Stacy had a profound impact on my life and really was key in my Reinvention success.  It saddened me greatly to read of all she has been through.  I do wish her success and hope things turn around for her.  Catch up on her life in THIS ARTICLE HERE.

I hope you enjoyed today’s selection…please comment if you like…and as always….


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