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I found so many interesting news items this week it was hard to decide which were the best, so I hope you enjoy this News for Women of A Certain Age…and please feel free to comment any of these items.  Happy Monday!!

Harvard has discovered the number one most important thing to have in life in order to be HAPPY.  READ ABOUT IT HERE.

I don’t know if I would try this new beauty technique…what about you?  READ ABOUT IT HERE.

With the flu so dangerous this year, I thought this article about how to stay healthy while traveling might be of interest.  FiND IT HERE.

I so admire the business sense of Joanna Gaines and all she has done for Waco, Texas.  Here is her advice to the younger generation.  READ ABOUT IT IN A NEW ARTICLE HERE.


Finally, I was most touched by the article last week with an update on what has been going on with stylist Stacy London.  Stacy had a profound impact on my life and really was key in my Reinvention success.  It saddened me greatly to read of all she has been through.  I do wish her success and hope things turn around for her.  Catch up on her life in THIS ARTICLE HERE.

I hope you enjoyed today’s selection…please comment if you like…and as always….



  1. Glad to see you highlight this food research. A whole foods, plant-based diet has been shown time and time again to be the key to health and longevity. If you ever want to go in that direction Pam I’d be glad to coach you! Cheers 🙂

  2. Thank you for including the articles on Joanna and Stacey. They made me think with my brain and feel with my heart as I counted my blessings.

  3. Hello Pamela?
    It’s vital to have a healthy body and home! Here we grow our own vegetables (we have a huge backyard). Our families don’t eat anything that is processed and full of toxins. Even our hair products,soaps and cleaning products are all plant and essential oil based. So in essence it’s totally having a healthy lifestyle,positive,happy and peaceful… all from the inside out!
    I’m very blessed and thankful!

    Blessings always,

  4. One comment on diet. The thing that has worked the best for me is mindful eating and portion control. I had fallen off that wagon and am trying to get back on.

    Regarding Stacy London: I’ve never gone into a financial crisis as she did, but 2014 was my year of insanity. I just about gave up on everything I had accomplished to follow a “grass is always greener” idea that I had. Luckily, my friends supported me, when everything crashed. After that, I went into a deep depression. You know how they always say that you will be provided what you need when you need it? Well, it came in the form of a therapist I clicked with and together she helped me figure it out. Pain, emotional or physical can made a person do things they never thought they would do.

    I think I have heard of this ice water beauty trick before, but I find it easier to keep a bottle of Urban Decay’s All Nighter make up setter, which works terrifically well. Another thing, if you are going to be in humid environment and don’t want your foundation to run, take a gel antiperspirant and run in on your face before you put on your foundation. It works! And I am thinking that the new Dove dry spray antiperspirant would likely work as well.

  5. Elsie, you are full of information today. Thanks for sharing your personal story as well. I do hope things are better for you.

  6. Hi Pamela!
    Thanks for sharing these great articles. Joanna Gaines and Stacy London have been wonderful inspirations for me.

    I also read your comment about the denim jacket on Jennifer Connolly’S site. I purchased the very same jacket at Macy’s on Saturday. Like you, I am teetering between plus and regular sizes. I fell in love with the jacket instantly. It has amazing stretch. I purchased the jacket in a 1X. I checked this morning and the jacket is also available in misses XL and XXL. Since the 1X is a little loose on me I am thinking about ordering the misses sizes to check out if they will fit better. I thought you might consider the jacket as well.

  7. No need to plunge your face into a bowl of water. The concept is the same as setting clown make-up. After applying make-up liberally apply powder (I used to use baby powder in a sock). Then spritz all over with water. Much easier and the same effect. For my regular make-up I use Mehron stage face powder, then finishing spray. It stays all day.

  8. Thank you, Marie. I am so impressed you took the time to share with me. I have always wanted a denim jacket that was flattering. I will get over to Macys and try them on. So sweet of you to share. Thanks!

  9. That is why I love her style book…it is so real and honest. I hope she has a better year this year. I owe a lot to her
    Thanks Jennifer.

  10. Another good read and I think that beauty technique is hilarious!Stacy’s story is sad,informative and enlightening.

  11. I agree with you Julie about Stacy’s story and I so appreciate her honesty. Thanks for being here.

  12. Thanks for these articles, Pam. I am enjoying this new feature. I was surprised to read about the difficulties that Stacy London has faced. Wow! What a lot to deal with — I wish her well and hope life is soon on the upswing for her.

  13. My heart is aching for Stacy. Recovery from major surgery is hard, but to have so many things piled on top at such a voluble time could break a weaker person. The fact that she has such clarity into her actions shows her true strength. I wish her all the best and am cheering for her. I would love to see her back on TV giving us guidance. Thanks for sharing this article.

  14. I felt the same way, Lesley. It was like learning a friend just went through a really difficult time.

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