A Video Chat About My Hair

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I would like to give a shout out to the salon in San Antonio which helped me on the next step of my journey toward gray…K Charles Salons (location was Alamo Heights on Broadway and the master stylist is Hannah).

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The products mentioned in the video include:

Wella Brillance Shampoo for Colored and Coarse Hair

Wella Brillance Conditioning Treatment

Kerastase Ultimate Elixir

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Kerastase Nectar Thermique

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  1. Love, love, love the new hair color & hi lights. It looks much more natural not flat out of a bottle color. Your new glasses color is perfect too.
    I’ve been “going gray” since 14 used to color my hair every month. Untill I hit my 40″s then I just gave up lol. I’ll be 60 this summer & totally white/ blond for @least 10 yrs. My hair used to be VERY thick & light curls now it’s much thinner, a little wavey & very dry, it is long almost to my waist. I take a lot of Rx’s & think that has a lot to do with my hair dryness & loss not just age.
    I love my hair color it’s quite striking especially in the sun
    People always ask if it’s bottle or nature. I tell them it’s what the good Lord has blessed me with. Yes I miss my thick vibrant hair but I love my shiny
    (with help) new color
    too. I am thinking of getting it cut short like yours, I’ve had long hair waist to fanny length since my teens so it’ll be a shock to cut it lol
    Purple on

  2. Your hair looks great with the very subtle color change! Highlights make it shine! Very pretty choice! I color my own, and just purchased a lighter, multi tonal shade on Friday for the same reasons you stated here. My hair grows fast and the gray line at the roots has required more frequent touch ups lately. Like you, I am not yet ready to go gray. My gray is not a pretty shade, so I’d have to color it even if I let the gray grow out. Kind of silly, since for me, going naturally gray will be for the purpose of no more coloring. The solution for me is to lighten up with a new shade and highlights. Funny that I’m doing this the same time as you are! My natural color is pretty dark, so lightening up is a departure, but I’m moving in a new direction with my hair now. Not sure when I’ll “go gray,” but at age 64 I’m just not ready! You look great Pam!

  3. Thanks so much, Becca. I miss my long hair…it used to be much longer…but this seems to be a good length for now. Yours sounds beautiful…and yes…I will purple on!

  4. And we are both 64! I will be curious to see how your journey goes as well, Karen. Please let me know…it is that very subtle move toward gray!

  5. Hi Pam! I love your hair. I think all women need to have some subtle highlights, particularly around their face. And your new glasses works so well. I’ve always been a black frame person and the last ones I bought are like a espresso brown, which I think is a bit softer.
    I went gray when I retired at age 51. I had been highlighting it, so when I decided to go gray, I cut it very short. People tell me that they think I have “good” gray – it’s white and light gray around my face. But you are right, you really have to be ready to go gray and don’t do it before you are ready. I’m 63 now, so I have been living with it for quite a while.

  6. It sounds lovely, Elsie and I can hear that you are so confident with it. That is the way we should be….I know I will get there someday and that when it happens I will be ready. OOO, the espresso brown frame sounds perfect!

  7. Pamela your hair looks awesome! It’s a beautiful color and with the highlights added it compliments your skin tone beautifully! Love it!! Your new glasses are beautiful too, very pretty and they lighten your whole look. You are starting spring with a GORGEOUS new look! I’m going to turn 62 next month and my hair is medium brown with gray lightly sprinkled through it. I am not ready to be gray and I’m not sure I will ever be. I love gray or white hair on other women but it’s just not for me. I have been coloring it at home but I plan on having it professionally done with highlights next time. You have inspired me! Thank you!!!

  8. Highlights look great! I am 54 and would be nearly white if I didn’t color ever 5-6 weeks. I have lightened and tried to move toward my natural gray/White several times. I guess because I thought I was getting to “that age”. But I finally decided that I like my hair. Why do I care what anyone thinks! I think it looks better darker. You go girl!

  9. Pam your hair looks great! I am 61 and definitely not ready to go grey. I have always done highlights with my light brown hair and my hair stylist says it helps soften the touches of grey that come out between appointments. I go every 6 weeks for a touch up. Also my coloring is better with the soft brown/blond tones compared to grey. You look beautiful!

  10. I decided to go “natural” about 10 years ago. To be honest, I colored my hair since I was 18 years old, and barely remembered my original hair color–I thought it was a sorta brown, dish-water blond color. And, as you said in your video, mygray was becoming more pronounced; forcing me to have more and more frequent hair colorings. The time and expense of coloring my hair was a drag; something I determined was a waste of my resources.

    I went for a consultation to strategize how to go “natural”. The plan included a three-step process; plus frequent hair cuts. I have a short style. First, the color was “enhanced” with a warm brown. Second, about six weeks later, I returned to have blond highlights inserted, because blond is close to gray. The third and final step happened six weeks later, more blond highlights were inserted. Then, the only thing I did was have frequent haircuts. It took about nine months to get to “natural.”

    I alerted all my co-workers that I was heading for a natural look; that it would take nine, long months to achieve the final results. Once achieved, I got all kinds of compliments on the end result. In fact, the Association’s director (a man) came to me and said his wife wanted to go “natural” and asked me how I did it.

    My hair is not totally gray; it’s not totally light brown/carmel; it’s just totally “enhanced.” It is great not paying for hair coloring; I just get haircuts very regularly. Good haircuts are a must.

    From my perspective, there are only positives for going “natural.” Dark hair, even with warm highlights, does not always equate into a more complimentary look. Hair color needs to compliment one’s skin condition and coloring. The hair style needs to compliment the face shape.

    Yes to natural!

  11. Love your new look! The highlights are beautiful and love the new look with the lighter glasses. I too am 64 and have often in the past considered going gray, just not ready quite yet. I too have to color my hair every three weeks. You mentioned heat rolling. Can you tell me what type of heat rollers you use?

  12. Awesome, Elaine! Let me know how it turns out! Happy to get you thinking about something new!

  13. I hope it feels that way…I would it if we all could sit for tea (or wine) and just talk!! Thanks Jennifer.

  14. Thanks for the encouragement, Annette. I am hoping this keeps me from going so often! I appreciate it.

  15. So glad you are happy with your move and I have friends who are the same and look lovely. I will know when I am ready, but like others here, it is just not time for me. Thank you for encouraging those who have made that move!

  16. Hi Sandi, Thank you for the encouragment. My heat rollers are really old, but they are by Conair. I have used them for years. I put my hair on top of my head in a pony tail and roll the ends. It works! Thanks for commenting.

  17. Your hair looks healthy and beautiful.You are so lucky to have so much hair.

  18. When I was younger, I always complained about my hair, Julie. Now, I know it is a blessing. Thanks

  19. I agree with the other comments – you look fabulous and I love the subtle colour change and highlights.
    Your story is so similar to mine – I’ll be 64 in a few months and still colour my hair. I was naturally a dark brunette with black eyebrows, so I have always kept my hair fairly dark. I have recently transitioned to a slightly lighter brunette and have a few highlights. I’m actually getting my hair cut tomorrow and have been considering getting a few much lighter highlights just around my face. I’ll see how that works.
    Like you, I’m not ready to go grey yet – although if my roots are any indication, I would be quite white!

  20. What’s funny, Yvonne is that I also am considering some lighter ones around my face. We are very similar!

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