Grab your tea or coffee and let’s start our week with News for Women of a Certain Age.  I have carefully gathered some headlines I think might be of interest to you.  So enjoy, and feel free to comment on any of these stories.

While we are thinking coffee, let’s begin with some changes Starbuck’s is making…I guess because there is literally a coffee shop on every corner now…read about their changes HERE.  This article answers the question, CAN YOU BE FITTER OVER 60? and is written by one of my favorite authors, Barbara Hannah Grufferman.  Read about those fun sixties, HERE.I love to see fashion on smiling, happy people; but, this year’s runway fashion shows included something a bit different.  See these new models for Dolce Gabbana HERE.

This is a new report for business leaders meant to light a fire under brands to see there is money to be made in better marketing to …well…US.  Interesting report available HERE ON THE BUSINESS OF AGING.

Maria Shriver sat down with four women who started second chapters of their lives successfully and tells their stories, HERE.

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Keep Smiling!!

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