Would You Wear It #9

Hi Everyone, Happy Saturday!  Last weekend, I spent some time at the mall and there were many things to see.  Like this mannequin above.  Remember, to please explain your answers and also be kind of those opinions different from yours.  So, ladies………………..





  1. There are two fashion trends that I have not been able to embrace — distressed jeans and open-shoulder tops. So, this would not be something I’d wear. However, I do like the pants but I would pair them with a different style top. The color mix is lovely!

  2. The pants, yes. I am not a fan of the cold shoulder trend so would pass on the top. The color of the top is also not good for my complexion. I’d probably pair the pants with gold, deep green to pull from the color in these pants,maybe ivory with bold jewelry. All this said, with my current lifestyle, I’d have nowhere to wear it! I did try on some pants like this style and was amazed at how flattering they were!

  3. I like the outfit. The open-shoulder tops is not something I have bought or even tried on yet but other than that, I think I would wear the outfit.

  4. I do not care for the top or the pants. I am not embracing the cold shoulder look what so ever. I really do not like it at all.
    The pants while they might be light in summer, I think just add bulk.

  5. No…nothing there for me. Nothing about the outfit would flatter me at all, including overall style, colors, patterns, wide legged pants, wide waistband, busy top w/ too much embellishment etc going on (cold shoulder & lacy bell sleeves). I’m more casual in my taste, and this ensemble does not appeal to me as a whole or for any separate piece. I can’t see that in my closet at any age, but particularly in my early 60s. To be even more frank, I can’t see anybody wearing this, and even the mannequin could use a makeover.

  6. lol… poor mannequin! Kinda like a “what not to wear” victim… lol….;>…of course, I would only expect someone to think that about some of my outfits too! We all make mistakes, and I know I can use some help…lol

  7. I don’t like either piece. It looks gaudy to me. I prefer a more classic look.

  8. I know sleeve details are big for spring and the open shoulder look is hanging on — but I would not wear this top. I would be afraid of dragging the sleeve through my soup 🙂

    As for the pants – not for me. I have lost a lot of weight and am enjoying the skinny jeans fad. Also, I am more likely to wear solid color bottoms with patterned tops, not vice versa.

    I agree with the comment that this mannequin looks like a fashion victim.

  9. I might consider the pants with another top that would hide the wide elastic waist band. The top is a nonstarter.

    On the whole, this ensemble strikes me as one that an older person would wear, thinking they are dressing youthfully – when in fact any young person wouldn’t wear such an outfit. In short, I’m with Betty!

  10. I love the pants, but with a silhouette so flow-y, I think this outfit needs a closer fitting top. I have never and will never wear the cold-shoulder look, I hate it and can’t wait for it to go away! Most people do not have the bone structure to make that look good–soft, rounded shoulders just don’t make that look a good thing… Keyhole tops, on the other hand, can work, and I might wear one of those; they seem to be gaining some popularity.

  11. I don’t like the blouse at all, the open shoulders don’t seem to go with that style of blouse somehow. I would like the pants if they were longer and if I had a much smaller waist. I’d wear them with a snug top. Being 5’11” I’m more comfortable in pants that are longer, not above the ankle. When they’re shorter they just feel like so many pants do on me…just too short!!!

  12. Where to begin? The palazzo pants are too full for me,the top is the wrong color, and too frilly for the pants. The bare shoulders are not my style. The other manikin has a wearable top, the pants are too bright for me. I think you have a very clear eye for what works and what doesn’t. Just because a store shows a design does not mean it is for me. I am a classic girl.

  13. I’d like the pants in a solid color or softer print. I like the waistband!! I like the cool, flowy cut of the pants. I think the top is unflattering because of the cold shoulder.

  14. I have very narrow shoulders with a large bust–I have not been able to get a good fit with the cold shoulder tops, so the top is a no for me. I am neutral about the pants. I simply do not have enough occasion to wear them so I probably would not purchase them but would love to try them on!

  15. No, not my style at all. I have not been able to get into the cold shoulder look and even complained to Chicos that they were so into it, I was having trouble finding a top I liked. I like wide leg pants, but I’m not a floral person. I really like clean lines.

  16. No, I do not find anything attractive about the “cold-shoulder” blouse. I never knew what to call it; I dubbed it the “holely-shoulder look.” I personally do not think it flatters any shape shoulder.

    The pants–As a sewer, I would check closely whether or not the garment’s “pattern” is well matched. It appears that it does not match on the side seams. Garments with ill “matching” patterns do not meet my standards. Manufacturers cut corners to keep prices moderate; first thing to go is “matching”. It’s safer to stick with solid fabrics for pants.

  17. I love it on someone else. I would wear the pants but I would not look good with a stretchy waist band and a tuck-in blouse. Too much girth around my middle. Perhaps a short top that just covers the waist band.

  18. HI Nancy, Just as a reminder. I do not post things because I like them. I post what I find retailers have put out for out consideration. I think it is good for them or anyone in retailer to see what the real world thinks about these garments. Sometimes I like the outfits I post for you to comment on and sometimes I don’t. I try my best not to tell you what I think and to keep the conversation going between the readers.

  19. I love the pants and would wear them with a slim solid top and sparkly sandals. I find cold shoulder tops are hit or miss for me. I would try it on, and would consider if the color worked with my coloring. I might consider having sleeves removed so it would be a sleeveless shell. Then you could add a cardigan or jacket. Great series….it makes think it through and inspires ideas!

  20. So glad you like it, Pat. That is one of the intentions for this..as well as to show the retail world what we like…and don’t like.

  21. I would not wear either the top or pants. I am not a fan of the cold shoulder trend and this particular top looks a bit cheap . I do like the color a lot though. I don’t care at all for the pants either. I don’t like the elastic waistband or pattern. I woul not wear it.

  22. I would not wear either the top or pants. I am not a fan of the cold shoulder trend and this particular top looks a bit cheap . I do like the color a lot though. I don’t care at all for the pants either. I don’t like the elastic waistband or pattern. I would not wear it.

  23. I like palazzo/wide leg pants but the floral colors are all wrong for me. The blouse has a vintage look but too busy IMO and color is wrong also. I do like the wide elastic waistband but would wear a top to flow close and over the waist. The pants are a welcome relief from all the skinny jeans/leggings and would be cool for summer.

  24. No and No. I do not like the colors, the open shoulder and all the lace. Plus I do not like the pattern on the pants. The waist line is too wide and puckery. I think I would look fat in them.

  25. I would not wear this outfit. I agree with the cold shoulder look…I’ve not embraced that for myself at my age, but just generally don’t care for the look. The pants would be overwhelming for my height as I’m only 5’ 2”. I feel this wide of a pant leg is for very tall ladies (lucky them!). I generally do not like floral patterns as that is all I saw my grandmothers in! These in a solid color may look more sophisticated. Enjoy your posts!

  26. Can’t believe the comments! I thought I was the only one who disliked the shoulder/arm emphasis in tops. Way too Daisy Mae. Love the fabric of the print on the pants but too much fabric. Who buys or wears these overdone styles? Most are laughable.

  27. I’m surprised so many women don’t care for the cold shoulder look; I love it and have several of those kinds of tops in my wardrobe. I think it’s a very flattering look without showing a lot of skin. I think the top is gorgeous, flowing and romantic. I’m not totally sure the color would flatter me, but I would try it on in a heartbeat! I have reservations about the pants. I really don’t like high waistlines like that, and I tend towards skinny jeans and pants that skim the body. But you know what? I would try them on just to see. Fashion is fun and you never know until you put yourself out there and try something new. I love, love this segment of your posts!

  28. No to both top and bottom for all the reasons mentioned above but I do like the long sleeved mini dress in the background. Love the patterns. Interesting to think about why you would or wouldn’t wear something. Thanks

  29. You are welcome, Carol. It does make us think a little longer about garments!

  30. Yes, I would wear the pants, with a very plain top; sleeveless in the summer and a black turtle neck in the Fall and Winter Definitely not the cold shoulder top, way too fussy. They have never appealed to me. And I have seen very few people who can wear them well.

  31. Well……really like the style of the pants…..though solids are my favorites. The top…..oh, my no can do. The color would be pretty on someone with dark hair
    and no lumps. I would feel frumpy.

  32. No, no, no … WAY too much going on here. This whole outfit looks like a cross between frilly curtains and a tablecloth. An overly wide-leg trouser makes a woman look frumpy, no matter her size or age, and the blouse just looks tacky. Some trends just need to quickly disappear!! 🙂

  33. No and no re the top and pants.I don’t like cold-shoulder tops and the colour of the top would drain colour from my face.The top has too much going on and I don’t like the floral pattern on the pants.I like the colour of the pants on the other model.

  34. You are not alone…the cold shoulder look did not do well today with this crowd! Thanks so much Julie!

  35. To add to what seems to be a theme here, I would not wear either piece. At 5’4″ and being short waisted with not-small girls, this would be a disaster on me. The top looks like a smash up of all the current trends and the color is muddy (having learned through expensive trial and error, not good for my coloring). The pants are reminiscent of palazzao pants. Great on tall, slim women but not me. There is a line between experience telling you what works and not being too scared to expand your fashion portfolio. This however is a “don’t” for me.

  36. You are so right about that fine line…we have to know ourselves well enough to know when to try something new and when it is just not right for us. Sounds like you have yourself down very well. Thanks for sharing.

  37. No to both pieces. As many others have noted, I am not a fan of the cold shoulder look. My husband is not a fan either. He has commented on the many side line reporters that wear this look. He thinks it looks silly. The pants are not the right proportion for my figure. Having the waist that close to ample chest would not be attractive.

  38. The colors are nice, but I don’t like the open shoulder look. The pattern is mismatched at the center seam on the pants. That woud bother me, too.

    Thanks for asking. It has been interesting reading others comments.

  39. Like many of the other comments, I am not a fan of the cold shoulder style tops, especially in older women. Pants fabric is beautiful…..for drapes or perhaps made into a skirt, to loud for that much fabric in the pants.

  40. No, this look isn’t for me. I like the colour of the blouse and the lace on the bodice, but I’m not a fan of open shoulders (I get chilled too easily) and those sleeves are too much. I’m not fond of the floral pants either. I’d be more comfortable wearing the outfit on the other mannequin.

  41. Not for me, thanks. I would look like a pillow case tied in the middle with string. Can see the pants on a very tall very slim woman, but the top has far too much going on for my taste. Isn’t it marvellous being able to share our different opinions! Thanks
    Lizer Pearl

  42. Thanks so much…I think we learn from each other when we can read all the different opinions. Thanks for the encouragement.

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