Fashion Over 50: Springtime, Color, and Talbots

As you can see, spring has sprung in my neighborhood…the beautiful white trees are in my yard.  Thank goodness, the spring clothes in my closet stick around longer than these blossoms will.  They are only here for a short time, accompanied by the aromas of our mountain laurels which also stay for just a brief moment.

Last weekend, I cleaned out my closet and put away the heavy winter clothing and brought out the warmer weather clothes.  I began to think about outfits I will wear as we get closer to April.This beautiful jacket from Talbots will be a favorite this spring, and, quite possibly, could be a part of my Easter outfit.  The current collections at Talbots are incredible, for color, quality, and fit.  They offer so many sizes…in misses, womens, and petites.  In fact, they are beginning a new section just for plus size ladies, so for those in that category, you will not want to miss this.  As I said recently, I am between sizes and all of the options at Talbots will give me a way to find a better fit.  This beautiful jacket is a Woman’s Size and after looking at it closer, I think I can go with the Misses.  All of the sizes help us to find the best, confident fit possible.  They have beautiful color selections…you might check out the slide show below.I rediscovered these shoes when I cleaned out the closet…in fact…I re-discovered several garments (and some bling) I had forgotten about!! 

If it is still winter where you live, begin to plan some new spring outfits just to get excited about the change of seasons!  Consider Talbots for some of those selections, and let the beauty all around you bring inspiration as it begins to show it’s seasonal colors.

Do you plan to wear more color this year, or keep your palette about the same?  Tell us, then….




Disclaimer:  I was gifted the jacket from Talbots, but the words are my own. 


  1. What an elegant backdrop those trees make!I love your pink jacket and your necklace is just perfect with it.

  2. Talbots is a go-to for me, has been for years. I looked at the most recent catalog with a different eye, this time more toward a wardrobe for retirement than adding to my work wardrobe. This is the first time in over 40 years that I’ve been able to do this. I especially loved the new pink shades they are showing – love pink! – and also the bright yellow. Pages are folded down in my catalog and with the current sale on pants, I’ll be heading to the store this weekend! I love your jacket and how it goes with so many things, and that necklace is gorgeous! Recently you inspired me to add some brighter colors even though we are still in the clutches of winter out this way. March is when spring arrives, even if it comes with a snowstorm, so I’m making changes! Your trees are lovely and I can just imagine how wonderful they smell, even if for a short time!

    1. So happy to know I have given you some inspiration, Karen. I am adding more color this year as well. This is a great jacket!

  3. So pretty Pam! I’ve got that necklace, a bright pink blazer barely worn, and you’ve reminded me of a pair of lime green loafers I found at chicos years ago! Thanks for giving me another outfit! Enjoy the gorgeous trees while we can!

  4. I just love everything about your outfit today!! Each individual piece is beautiful but put together — wow!! That necklace is gorgeous! You’ve nailed it today, Pam! Perfect background, too!

  5. Lucky you to have those flowering trees in your neighborhood. I was not surprised that I liked your jacket. I am crazy about strong pink shades. But then in the close ups of your shoes, I WAS surprised. I’m not a fan of greens, but those spring green shoes are cute!. Congratulations on your Texas spring.

    1. Thank you…I love the white trees, but they do not last very long at all. So I have to enjoy them fully while I can.

  6. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a bright pink blazer -it does wonders for the spirit and the complexion. I used to love Talbots and it often surprised me how something from Chico’s and something from Talbots could work together.

  7. I love the jacket and the shoes, the color of the jacket is beautiful. Spring is such a happy time of year and I’m looking forward to wearing bright pretty spring/summer clothing. This ole winter stuff has just about worn out it’s welcome, lol.

    1. I saw some ladies at lunch today in winter clothing and it looked out of place. Especially with a bright sun and 75 degrees outside. I am ready for the new looks!

  8. For me Talbots has the best selections for this Spring of any of the brands I shop. Even though it’s still winter in Ohio, I’ve purchased some great new and brightly colored outfits for the warmer weather. Just looking at them makes me happy. My daffodils are about to bloom so we better get out of this cold snap soon or I’m going to be very unhappy with my flower beds. The colors of the Spring flowers are my favorite, and I believe Talbots captured many of them in their Spring wardrobe this year. The bright pink, yellow, blue and green–it’s like looking at Martha Stewart’s garden.

    1. It is a happy time of year, Nina. I agree with the colors Talbots has online right now…very happy and just the right amount of bright! Thanks for the comment!

  9. Love your pink jacket. What is the name of those trees? I would love to have one but don’t know what to ask for and don’t know if they would do well in the Hill Country. The red bud in one of the photos is perfect with your pink jacket!

    1. These are dogwoods, Jill. There are several varieties of dogwoods, so I don’t know exactly which one. I would think they would do amazing in the HIll Country. Thanks for the kind words and the comment.

  10. I agree that of all the stores I favor, Talbots has had the best selection lately. Lots of basics this year (in their signature brights), and they fit well. My store in Ohio has had a large plus department for quite some time, and it is actually encroaching on the misses, which tells you plus sizes can be very profitable. Wish more retailers would take notice, especially some of the luxury brands.

    1. I know, Linda. I am very impressed with all Talbots is doing to offer great fit for so many sizes of women. They are a leader in this area and a big reason I love the brand so much.

  11. Lovely colour for spring! I’ll have to check out Talbots. I can only hope for warm weather and flowering trees here. Probably not until May. Snowing again today. ?

    1. I hope it ends for you soon, Elaine. We get just as tired of the heat. September is my least favorite month…when I am ready for change and it is really hot. I understand.

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