This has kind of been my own mini-Eileen Fisher Week.  I wore the pants on Sunday, reported the style show yesterday, and today my whole outfit is EF.  I learned about five years ago, it is stylish and acceptible to wear black in warmer weather seasons.Up until then, I always thought you had to save black for fall and winter.  But, we were out in Houston, on a warm summer night.  I looked around and most of the women had on black.  That was all the permission I needed, since I love to wear black.  The majority of my black garments are Eileen Fisher…I love her nuetrals and how her garments give me such quality foundations. Today, I am wearing a simple Chicos necklace, and these DKNY silver slides from Macy’s.

The shoes keep things a little more casual and warm weather like.  I do love color as well, but there is just something about black that I love.

How about you wear black in warmer weather seasons?

Please share and of course…………………………………….



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