It’s OK in the Spring…Wear Black!

This has kind of been my own mini-Eileen Fisher Week.  I wore the pants on Sunday, reported the style show yesterday, and today my whole outfit is EF.  I learned about five years ago, it is stylish and acceptible to wear black in warmer weather seasons.Up until then, I always thought you had to save black for fall and winter.  But, we were out in Houston, on a warm summer night.  I looked around and most of the women had on black.  That was all the permission I needed, since I love to wear black.  The majority of my black garments are Eileen Fisher…I love her nuetrals and how her garments give me such quality foundations. Today, I am wearing a simple Chicos necklace, and these DKNY silver slides from Macy’s.

The shoes keep things a little more casual and warm weather like.  I do love color as well, but there is just something about black that I love.

How about you wear black in warmer weather seasons?

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  1. Great outfit and it really showcases your necklace! It’s like a piece of art! I like how you lightened it up for warmer weather with your choice of shoe while still staying true to the black and silver theme. I’m another one who wears black all year. I have several favorite black dresses and my black pants and skirts are in the weekly rotation all year long. There’s a lot you can do with black even when it’s really hot out, along with the obvious and huge favorite of white, you can add pastels or brights to add some seasonal flair! Black is a good grounding piece, a classic basic that can be used to really stretch a wardrobe. And it’s so true that it really is slimming!

  2. One of my favorite summer outfits is a pair of white pants with a black lace tunic. I always get compliments. I love black and wear it year round. I love your outfit today, Pam. Can’t wait to shop Eileen Fisher!!

  3. Dear Pam,

    I was happy to read about the appropriateness of black. I wear alot of black and will feel better about wearing it throughout the year. You look chic in your outfit with the lovely accessories. I spend time in New York City (I live in a Connecticut suburb) and black is a staple for casual, business and evening.

    Thank you, as always, for your sage advice.

    Kind Regards,

  4. Yes, I wear black year round in Florida. We have similar weather as San Antonio.It is the fabric and accessories that determines the season. Your fashion show
    last week showed mainly all black bottoms and black bases with colorful tops.

  5. I wear black year round. It works with my skin tone and with my silvery gray hair. It’s my go to color. I especially like the way an all black outfit will really set off a distinctive piece of jewelry.

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