Tru Niagen Increases Hope of Healthier Aging

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Today I want to introduce you to TRU NIAGEN®, a cutting-edge nutrient which is designed to change the way we age.  I know, there are a lot of supplements on the market, but this one got my attention as I began to read about it.

I am giving Tru Niagen careful consideration simply because I am one of those baby boomers who will need to work as long as possible.  I could talk a lot about hindsight, but regrets do not help any of us.  So, I need to be healthy and keep my mind sharp in order to stay in the workplace as long as possible.  I also simply want to enjoy each moment of the life I have as a businesswoman, wife, mother, and grandmother.

Tru Niagen has the key ingredient NIAGEN®, a unique form of vitamin B3 proven to increase NAD levels.  NAD is a molecule and as essential to our cells as food, water, and oxygen are to our bodies.  Our cells need NAD to regulate circadian rhythm (your body’s internal clock), and increase energy production at the cellular level.  Higher NAD levels help our cells function at their best.

Over time, sun exposure, excessive food, alcohol consumption, and traveling are a few of the factors that can depress our cellular metabolism and health.  These stressors can lower our levels of NAD, which some experts believe is crucial to healthy cell function.

I also read an interview with broadcast personality, Kym Douglas, in which she discusses how much she loves Tru Niagen.  I enjoy watching Kym occasionally on Hallmark Channels, Home & Family, a daytime lifestyle talk show.  Kym said, “You’re supposed to stay the same forever from 20 to 80 and then all of a sudden you’re in your 80’s. I don’t think that’s true anymore. I feel like the baby boomers,….. we will not go down without a fight. I feel especially with women, when you feel good you want to look good. There’s no reason to slow down if you can find the right supplements, and take the right things, and take good care of yourself. That’s why I really do love this product a lot……. I don’t have that fogginess. If I went to a dinner party the night before or been out a little late, or had some wine, the next morning when I wake up things are foggier than they used to be. When I take Tru Niagen, I feel like I’m on my game again.”

Full disclosure, I have not taken the supplement long enough to be able to share any results.  Also, as I do with all things, I encourage you to discuss anything about your health with your doctor.  But something I have always done is bring you information about what is on the market so you can research it and see if it is best for you.  There is a lot to learn about this science and this product and I’ve only skimmed the surface, so make sure you check out more information HERE.

I hope you will take the time to check it out.


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  1. Will you report back on the results? I’m very much interested because working or not, I want to stay as physically and mentally fit as possible as I move through life. Please do report back on this product when you’ve had time to see how it works!

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