5 Tips for Successful Thrift Shopping

I had so much fun last week doing some intensive thrift shopping, and I just may do a little more this week.  I have said before I love a good treasure hunt, so today I want to offer you 5 Tips for Successful Thrift Shopping.  It can be so much fun if you follow these tips.

1. Don’t go unless you have a good junk of time to give the task.  It takes time to find the real treasures.  You need to have time to filter through all of the garments, to be able to think about your wardrobe without distractions, and, of course, to try things on!

2. Look for garments that appear to be new or like new.  Of course, we don’t want anyone to suspect what we are wearing is from a thrift shop…that is our wonderful secret.  This jacket from DressBarn still had tags on when I found it at GoodwillSA.  I was looking for some business casual, light-weight garments for summer heat.  This particular color scheme and pattern fits well in my wardrobe.

3. Have fun with thrift shopping.  It is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try some creative pieces.  Also, remember accessories.  I found this bracelet on a clearance rack at a resale shop last week and I love it.  Great $4 find, as far as I am concerned!

4.  When pondering pricing, remember to leave some money for cleaning.  I like to get a thrift garment cleaned well and will usually take them to the dry cleaners…even if it is a washable garment.

5.  Finally, always check on savings…..even at a thrift shop.  Many have certain colors on sale for a particular day, have senior discounts, military discounts.  I know you are already shopping a discounted item, but don’t hesitate to see if you can get a little more!!

I have mixed this thrift jacket and bracelet, with a retail purchased necklace, Eileen Fisher pants, and a Chicos tank for an outfit I will wear to work some day.  I like how the circle in the necklace goes with the circles in the print of the jacket.

Does anyone else have tips for thrift shopping?  It is one of my favorite pasttimes.  Please share….and

Keep Smiling!

I have some fun accessory choices below, but first I wanted to share with you a special going on at one of my favorite jewelry stores, James Avery.

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  1. Great tips Pam! I would also add that you should have in mind (or in my case, on a laminated card) your current “Foundational Five” along with a list of wardrobe gaps. I love going to consignment stores. Our Goodwill is just not very nice, but the local consignment stores make up for it! It does take a chunk of time to look through things, but you can turn up some real treasures, as you’ve shown here!

  2. Great advice, Karen! I always keep my foundational five in mind when shopping…it prevents me having to allow time to return garments. You have to check with each consignment shop…some allow returns, some do not. Happy Wednesday!

  3. My “tip” or method to thrift shopping. I put my phone, keys and money or debit card in my pockets, so I am truly hands-free (as sometimes even a crossbody handbag is cumbersome). I take a large blue IKEA bag (the one with double handles). I put all of the possibles in the bag, when it gets full I take it to the dressing room. Whatever works, I leave in the bag and keep shopping. I keep to a fairly tight color, style line and fabric preference/pallet so I am able to move through the racks quite swiftly if necessary. I love mixing my pricier wardrobe items with my thrift finds as you have done.

  4. I love thrift shopping. There is a Goodwill boutique near my workplace and every Tuesday is sr. discount day; i try to go that day. Just yesterday, i found Talbot’s wide leg pants for $3.99, so with the discount it was $3 AND the $76.50 Talbots price tag was still on it. That’s a thrill for me. I always have one thing in mind, going in. Might not find it, but at least i have a target. But i usually look thru all the racks and sometimes i get a surprise. Something hardly worn, still with tags, or EXACTLY what i went in for. It’s an addictive hobby. I also resale items, that i don’t wear.

  5. I love those little surprises, Regina! And yes, I also take some of my items I have not worn in awhile for resale or consignment. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I have lots of luck with eBay where you can find many new or almost new things for a great price including the postage. It takes time but is worth it if you are careful. I recently bought a brand new Talbot’s cross-body leather bag for less than eleven dollars.

  7. That’s awesome, Jill. I can get lost in ebay…but, as you have shown us, it can be worth it!

  8. Good tips, Pam. I recently scored a Michael Kors blue leather purse at the local Thrift Store for $19.95, in perfect condition. A pair of genuine Valentino Rock stud flats in size 2 !!!! Which I gave to my granddaughter for dress-up. Price $9.00. Shopped for the grandkids at Hallow’een and they had such a fun time in the store.

  9. That is awesome, Eleni. Thrift stores are always great for costume parties!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. My best tip is to view the whole thrifting experience as entertainment, and finding something as a bonus. I used to buy way too much, just because it was cheap and it fit. I finally realized I was doing this because I felt it was a waste of time to come home with nothing. But if it is entertainment, then it is “okay” not to find something.

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